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How the Angel Gal-El Became Glorius, The Easter Angel

The tiny angel Gal-el embraced the fetus. It could feel its heart thumping with fear. The voices of the nurses in the room increased their intensity inside its mother’s watery womb.

‘’Honey, don’t you worry. That foetus in there, won’t feel a thing. it will go to sleep and never wake up,” one of the younger nurses reassured the woman with child.

“The Doctor and the rest of us just want to make sure that you intend to go through with this abortion. Our psychiatrist has prepared some papers for you to sign,” declared the Head Nurse.

The fetus flung its arms wide. The angel Gal-el enfolded the fetus unto itself.

“She is going to kill me for no reason. You know that. She changed her mind about me.”

“What are you telling me?” asked the 25-year-old mother with a quivering voice.

“Just that you waited a long time before deciding on an abortion. You must know that it’s a boy and about five and a half months old. It’s perfectly formed. It’s an illegal procedure. You must be aware of that too. Without the signed statement from our eminent Psychiatrist and countersigned by you, you’ll leave this clinic still pregnant,” the Head Nurse made no attempt to hide her irritation.

I hate these bitches. She probably decided to take up surfboarding or dressage. She wants an abortion now Next week it might be botox or cosmetic surgery.

"They are all operations right?" she asked the nurse. "So why am I here? Because I am way over my head in debt, my husband has been laid off and I have two other children to support," she thought unable to stifle her inner rage.

“O Gal-el, I don’t want to die? Can you read her thoughts as I do? Why did God bring me all the way here only to stand by and watch me die before I even go down the birth canal into the light?”

‘’I don’t know baby dear. Remember that your body might die but your soul and spirit will live on and I am sure that you will come back to earth through another baby.”

“Will it be soon?”

“I don’t know my Beloved,” replied the angel sadly.

Suddenly the fetus began to kick and flail as hard as
he could. The amniotic fluid created strong waves within the placenta, which then reverberated into the abdominal walls and muscles.

"I am a human being. A person. An individual full of promise. I don’t want to be thrown into the trashcan like a dead rat. You are going to kill me. You are a murderer and you don’t even know it or care that you are one."

The mother felt the kicks and stifled a gasp. The nurses saw it at once because there were continuous ripples going through her abdomen.

“That a very active baby you have there. We don’t want to rush you but our waiting list is awesome,” declared the Obstetrician entering the room.

He was holding an injection. “I am going to inject this through your abdominal walls. It is painless for the fetus and for you. Well, you might feel a little discomfort but nothing more.”

He lied. It was a poison designed expressly to kill the fetus swiftly and painfully.

He stepped aside to allow the Head Nurse to hand over the authorization papers for the illegal abortion to the patient. She had attached the document to a clipboard. She signed it quickly in silence with a steady hand.

The kicking went on unabated. The mother gasped again. “ Is there something wrong with the baby?”

“It’s just doing what comes naturally, kicking and flexing its muscles,” replied the Doctor soothingly as the toxic fluid slowly entered the uterus and found its target, the fetus.

The nurses exchanged glances. " This cow is a piece of work. What difference does it make if the kid in there is fine or not? She's ridding herself of it pronto."

"My angel, where are you. I can’t see and I can’t hear. My legs and arms are numb. I can’t move. I can’t cry out. The pain is unbearable. Help me! But you can read my thoughts,’’ said the nameless creature of God.

“I am next to you and I am holding both of your beautifully formed hands. You can feel my presence. God has given me the power to do that. I will not leave you. I am going to walk you through the death pangs. Then I will make sure that your spirit and soul follow the bright path towards the great and immeasurable Cosmos. “

Then the tiny angel Gal-el prayed: ”O Powers of the Universe, I bring you yet another innocent being slaughtered. Dull his pain as the nurses dismember his arms and legs to pull and wrench him out of the canal of Death. Archangel Metatron, Protector of children, even those yet to be born and those destined not to be, welcome him with open arms for he has fought valiantly to live and fulfill his destiny but it was not to be.”

The nurses tugged and pulled and threw the pieces of the lovely boy who would never be into a tall metal can lined in thick plastic. They closed their eyes as they did so. There were too many well-formed bodies piled up one on top of another.

“Don’t look down sweet baby, your place is among the galaxies,’’ admonished Gal-el.

“There must be countless millions of us. Helpless before these never-ending massacres. Does this not cry out for vengeance?’ exclaimed the soul of the fetus.

“The Laws of the Universe are harsh but they are not vindictive. They are Karmic not vengeful. For many of these mothers they will remember to their dying moment the exact day you were untimely ripped from their wombs. Children who would have been around your same age in the parks or playgrounds or in the streets will stab them with pangs of regret over. Too late, you are all gone forever. In the silence of deep night they will weep and agonize all of their lives alone and by themselves. For who can they confide this terrible anguish?”

The spirit of the murdered fetus understood and he uttered a silent prayer of forgiveness for his poor mother who would know what true desolation was in her heart of hearts for this wicked deed.

The Archangel Metatron was waiting for baby 570 million and three hundred thousand.

“Welcome to your very own Kingdom of the Innocents. Jesus visits this place often. He loves you all more than he loved his Apostles, if that is possible. Your name is Pascualus, for you came to us during the period of the Pascua (Easter). Everyone here has his or her own original name. We are angels after all and therefore, powerful and original beings.“

Gal-el wept tears of joy for Pascualus. But then the angel remembered that its duties consisted of serving as guardian angel to those who would never be born. This boy had been singularly brave. He never despaired. He was full of joy and gladness. His spirit flew away with a lightness he had rarely seen.


Easter Sunday would soon come to planet Earth, and the thought of acting as guide to a bright and unblemished tiny piece of God who would soon be eliminated with less kindness than poisoning a rat filled Gal-el with more sadness than he could bear. So out of sight of everyone, Gal-el wept long and bitter tears.

“Why must I and my companions always be the same ones to bring the unwanted and murdered fetuses towards the Light? I am afraid that it has become too much for me to bear. I realize that the cross Jesus carried for humans must have been excruciating. That’s why he fell three times and in the end, the Romans commanded several strong men to help him uphill with his cross. I am only a tiny guardian angel of fetuses. I fear that I have been drained of all force.”

All the angels listened to the deep laments of Gal-el. They understood the emotions piercing it. Among the guardian angels of the unborn, Gal-el was the most ancient. Since Assyrian- Babylonian times Gal-el had been their Accompanist and Guide.

Time in the Universe is but a flash of light or a blink of God’s eye. Five thousand years of looking after dead unborn babies was a different matter. That was enough.

“Perhaps on Easter Eve, we could send Gal-el to a newly conceived being? It’s parents prayed and longed for a child of their own for years. They have six adopted children of all colors and creeds,” declared Metatron gazing into the deepest sky blue eyes of the Archangel Rafael.

"I concur. This little being’s mother sings in Saint Paul’s Choir in London. She has a fine contralto voice. On Easter Eve during the Midnight Mass she will sing the Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Glory to God in the highest. This will signify to the Faithful that Christ has arisen from the dead. Yes! By all means. Let’s send Gal-el to look after the fetus until she or he is born. Gal-el can stay till death separates them,” replied the Archangel Rafael.

“It is a wonderful idea. To reward Gal-el for the difficult assignments throughout the millennia, the angel shall henceforth be known as Glorius,’’ decreed the One Cosmic Force of the Universe.

The Archangels Metatron, Michael, and Rafael hastened to give the beautiful news to Gal-el.

“From this day forward, you will be known as Glorius. You will be the guardian angel of a child that will see the light of day. You will remain with the newly conceived being until it is called back into the fold of the Universe when its time on earth is ended.”

The angel now known as Glorius knelt and exclaimed ‘’O Glory to God in the Highest.”


  1. This story touched me on many levels. The deepest and most painful one was that I too killed my unborn child via an abortion.

    I like what happens to Ga-el. And I really like the drawing of him with the blood---as it should be. Very original. I have never seen an angel depicted with blood.

    Blessed Easter to you!!

  2. Beautiful story, Isabel. It should be widely circulated and read by the Pro-Life movement. It could do wonders for some women who are contemplating an abortion, but who don't understand the larger implications of what they are about to do. It could also give comfort to those who have undergone abortions, knowing that there is another chance for their aborted fetus in another conception that turns into a fully realized birth, with a beautiful Guardian Angel ready to protect the child all its days on earth.

  3. The only catch is, that if anyone wants any government to outlaw abortion, then as a matter of integrity he ought to say in the next breath, that as the State has an obligation to protect unborn children, the state has an obligation to support newborn children of impoverished parents who are unable financially to support their newborn babies.

    If we want to get the state, the law, involved in abolishing abortion, then we have an obligation to require the state to support the innocent, powerless newborn babies whose lives we have asked the state to save.

  4. Furthermore, anyone who says it is categorically immoral for a woman to abort her unborn child, has a consequent moral obligation to do everything reasonable within his reasonable powers, to assist the lives of the babies who would otherwise have been killed.

    All else is hypocritical rubbish.

  5. This story is, well, how shall I say it?... It had me crying buckets for reasons I choose to pass in silence… And yet, what if some women, perhaps, just have no other choice?


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