Sunday, December 23, 2007

Movie Review - Lions For Lambs

This is a courageous motion picture. Tom Cruise produced it for his new film company United Artists and directed by Robert Redford. It starred three film legends. Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise. The movie is heavy on intelligent dialogue. It deals with three conversations that take place more or less in real time in Washington D. C., Southern California and Afghanistan.

The film is candidly political. It won’t please leftist intellectuals all the way; certainly the right will be more disturbed. In its entirety the film is really all about speaking and standing up. It’s about dissenting.

“If you are against us, you are not patriotic. You don’t love your country.” This reminds of the two slogans of the Vietnam War: "America: Love it or Leave It", and "America: Change It or Lose It". The polarity unfortunately still exists.

Lions For Lambs asks questions of the film-goers. It does not point fingers. It does not need to. I don’t know how well this motion picture will fare in the box office in the United States where people dislike taxing their brains to think. They particularly don’t want to think horrid things about what their country does/did. They like sitting on fences. A few are so good at denial that they don’t even see the need for fences. I wish Redford, Streep and Cruise every success. I would like to mention the excellent writing of Michael Carnahan, whom I have never met. There is a writer’s strike taking place in Hollywood at the moment. My sympathies lie with the strikers, needless to say.

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