Sunday, December 23, 2007

What's Good For the Goose is Good For the Gander

Wow! It’s made CNN, the BBC, and all the European networks including the Chinese Xinhua Agency. What’s all the hoopla about? Mzungis (white, rich older women) are having sex with DDGBS- Drop Dead Gorgeous Black Studs.

Sex tours are being organized from the United Kingdom. The women are elderly. Their “escorts” are in their twenties to early thirties. We know men have been carrying on and have even married Asian, African and Eastern European women for centuries. The majority of pederasts are men. Is there a bug up a man’s brain?

It depends. Life is so short in many poor countries that marriage at age thirteen is a good way to ensure not only the survival of the species but also the survival of the girl herself.

I draw the line when a man at any age buys or takes a minor, someone who is five, seven or eleven years of age. There can be nothing there but lewd and wicked intent.

However in the UK we are seeing these sex tours openly. The women don’t care what anyone thinks of them. The British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh are drunken sods: did I leave anybody out? Not all, I would stress that. But enough. Men and women alike. I think the men are in the lead here. What’s a randy woman to do?

When Julius Caesar landed on British shores, the first thing that disgusted him was their unwashed stench. Romans of all social classes were sticklers for cleanliness, especially the Roman Legions. Unlike the people in the British Isles who were often found living in the trees, although the Irish preferred the bogs. They feared being washed more than being run through a sword. Given their perpetual state of drunkenness, it would have been difficult for them to distinguish between the two. Caesar, who had a weakness for the ladies, forswore any one whilst on their shores. In his accounts he writes 'All the population is dirty. The women, young and old are as smelly and horny as goats.”

Ah Yes! The sex tours. I think white women for a variety of reasons have been indulging in sex with black men since the beginning of time. It goes without saying that men began long before the women. Shakespeare teaches us. There is Othello: the Black Moor from Venice. Read the tragedy. Enough said.

For centuries white women endured their husbands’ raping the black slaves in America, Africa, the Caribbean and in South America. Today it is time for revenge in spades (pun intended).

I see nothing amiss with consenting adults having sex. Sex tours are transactions where money or gifts change hands. It’s male prostitution, also as old as eons.

One of the white executives of travel agencies in Nairobi and London sweeping in the lolly from the elderly women said, “It is unwholesome.”

Tell that to the Japanese. For many years’ troubled executives and/or rich men, young or old have been crying on the well-formed shoulders of “Aunties”. Like all things Japanese, it’s different. The Aunties actually dispense intelligent and sensible advice to the men. As a rule, there is no sex. A great deal of money changes hands and lavish gifts are the norm. The Aunties or Grannies can be found in exclusive and quietly elegant clubs where drinks are costly and the music is strictly classical.

HIV Aids is something to be concerned about in Kenya. It is also of a particularly virulent kind. I think over 29 % of the population is afflicted with it. The Mzungis refuse to have anything to do with condoms. Most of these young men are Masai – average height is six foot two to six foot four. As a rite of passage, most have killed Simba (lion) with a spear and nothing else. They are black Adonises. The very picture of masculinity mixed with the right dose of tenderness. It’s a deadly combination, I think. On the other hand, at age 60, the virus might not make itself felt until the woman reaches her 70’s. At the rate in which some of these women consume alcohol, their livers might burst first.

I am saddened that women who have reached a certain age do not display more wisdom. They could be setting examples, mentoring young people, doing good works, helping out their families, friends and neighbors, growing biofoods, enjoying a rich cultural and spiritual life. Where are their husbands? Lovers? Families?

It’s not unwholesome; it’s tragic and ridiculous.

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