Saturday, June 28, 2008


I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. You need to laugh once in a while, even if the events passing before our eyes are all true. It will not be funny if it should happen to us. Laughter is good for the brain cells. This will fortify you for what is to come in my next essay.


  1. Thanks, Isabel. Very funny! This will strike a bell with anyone who's ever sought telephone help for their computers. One thing, however: the woman in India in the skit is a lot easier to understand than most of the outsource people I've spoken to. I've had friends practically tear their hair out, complaining to the Indian at the other end, over and over, "I can't understand you." Frustrating!

  2. Jeanne (jar) is right, but to be fair, we can't blame those Indians for seizing the opportunities which the "absentee landlords" of America have so irresponsibly given them at the expense of their own compatriots and their own country's common-wealth.

    As for "laughter is good for the brain cells", oh YES! When I was taking the Bar exam (a three day event), I spent every night watching Monty Python videos, to relax and clear my mind for the exam. I passed on the first attempt, because my standard multiple-choice score was so high.
    (ie, in the Pennsylvania Bar, a high mark on the multiple-choice section is an automatic pass.)
    But I still wonder what the Bar examiners thought about my referring to Monty Python's "Holy Hand Grenade" in the essay question about self-defense. :-)


Isabel Van Fechtmann

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