Saturday, June 14, 2008

Suleyman the Magnificent: Overview

Suleyman the Magnificent...Suleyman Kanuni...the Law Giver. greatest and noblest Ruler of the Sixteenth Century, or perhaps of any century up to the twentieth century, presents to the writer/producer the opportunity and challenge of a lifetime.

The writer/producer, through masterful dialogue, high action, vivid imagery, powerful scenes and superb interpreters, must show the compassion of Suleyman, his religious tolerance, his deep understanding of Man, and a code of ethics and morality capable of inspiring the spoiled, angry, embittered and desperate youth of today.

Under Suleyman the Magnificent, Muslim rule was an indirect democracy. Every office in the land but the Sultanate was open to all Muslims and converted Christians.

His determination to awe his people with Arms as well as Art led him to the very heights of both. This will be shown in my books and in the motion picture.

His defects appear more clearly in his relationships with his family than in government. This will lead to his greatest personal tragedies.

Loved and respected by his people, a feat difficult to accomplish, since Leaders are usually feared not loved. Under Suleyman the Muslims became the strongest people in Europe if not the world. The Ottoman government which predated globalism by 470 years had shown itself in many instances more competent in statesmanship, finance and diplomacy than its rivals in Europe or in Asia.

Suleyman the Magnificent is a spellbinding but difficult subject. A writer must try to be impartial.It is difficult even after almost five centuries not to fall under Suleyman's magnetism.

This writer has felt the events and the protagonists living passionate and dramatic moments with the empathy of one who has come to learn that even the belief in reason can sometimes be precarious.

While we are all fragments of darkness groping for the light, Suleyman the Magnificent radiated more Light than most of us..................That is important to the World's story.

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