Friday, September 26, 2008

Palin will be President

According to research recorded by Brasscheck - It's not only possible - it's highly probable.

Two short videos show that there good odds that Sarah Palin will become the President of the United States some time in the next four years.

Here's how it will happen...

1. Karl Rove has already "fixed" voter records to such an extent that the Republicans will
win the White House in 2008 no matter what lunatics they run as candidates.

2. John McCain is a very sick man and it is unlikely he will last the four year term.

There are not idle theories.

They're backed up with all-too solid evidence:

- Brasscheck

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  1. Palin initially impressed me as a person with some admirable qualities, but she lost me when she said America ought to be willing to go to war against Russia over the ludicrous pseudo-"sovereign state" of Georgia.

    Geography lesson for Palin and her Neocon handlers: Georgia is not in Europe. It's near the border of bloody Persia, and the West ought to THANK the Russians for keeping that region under control, as per their 800 year old historical role as the "shield of the West". As for the notion of Stalin's tribe being sincere lovers of "democracy", it would require massive doses of Georgian marijuana to understand the basis for that neocon supposition.

    I'm abstaining from this election.

    Speaking of neocons and apparently drugged or psychotic states of mind, here's a two minute clip of a delegate at the recent Republican Convention. Meet Gabriel Nathan Schwartz, 29, a lawyer and a "fixture in Colorado Republican politics." His bullet-points for the coming McCain administration?
    "Less taxes, more war":

    If Mossad cared about my advice, I would advise them to call this creep an "enemy of Israel", because I can easily imagine this clip being shown to Al Qaeda recruits all over the world, titled, "the face of Zionism". Simply, he makes Israel and Zionism look Satanic, and I say the Israelis deserve better than the likes of him. In a just world, he would be deported to Gaza.

    But there's a happy ending. During the convention, he brought a woman to his hotel room, who robbed him of between 50,000 and 120,000 dollars:

    ...proof once again that the God of Abraham is truly just and cannot be mocked.

  2. Voter fraud is non-partisan. Here are a couple of links to voter fraud through ACORN, which is operating in the pro-Obama camp:


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