Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The western world is in dire need of Leaders. Where are they? Can you see them? I for one cannot.

If they are reflections of ourselves as they must inevitably be because hello, we chose them in so called free elections I must sadly declare that we suck.

N. B. The notable exception is Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation and lest we forget Dimitry Medvedev. I would never classify Medvedev as a yes - man, rather a strong personality in his own right mentored by Putin. I don't think Putin tolerates or abides fools and men with jellied balls in any way. Punto e basta. No ifs or buts.

Back to our corrupt, weak and ineffectual western world - in particular the United States. How did such a great country come to this? Ah! it wasn't easy and it took a great deal of destruction and mayhem but Criminy "they done it" as Eliza Doolittle, the cockney girl in George Bernard Shaw's play PYGMALION used to say.

For those of you too young or too ignorant to remember or even to wish to learn anything, Lerner and Lowe successfully adapted Shaw's play into a Broadway musical - MY FAIR LADY, with the unforgettable Julie Andrews. Warner Brother Studio would later make a motion picture starring Audrey Hepburn who was superb and elegant but who couldn't sing a note to save her life and singer Marni Nixon dubbed all the marvelous songs.

My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music and the greatest of them all, Singin' In The Rain portrayed an America that was healthy, vigorous and strong. It gushed hope and creativity.

Compare that with the musical Chicago. It was a wonderful show business piece of entertainment. I feel compelled to single out the charismatic Catherine Zeta-Jones and the larger than life Queen Latifah. What did it show? The rot in American Society. Murderers, assassins, fixers, politicoes bought and paid for, to say nothing of lawyers.

Most of my children are voting for Obama. My older and wiser friends are going for McCain. My daughter Cinzia who lives in Italy and is perforce more politically sophisticated thinks both candidates are "Buffone" buffoons.

My son Marc'Aurelio who lives in London thinks much the same way although he concedes that Obama is " Il meno peggio" - the least worse."

I am unable to establish who would be worse. At the end of the day, the world has not seen true leadership spewing forth from Wahington since Kennedy, and we all know how that Presidency ended. Lead in his head.

But does it really matter who is elected? I fear not. The puppet masters behind the scenes will ensure that their agenda is followed to the letter by either McCain or Obama. Laws and fearsome firepower in the hands of the so - called authorities will be used with extreme prejudice if anyone or any group should be foolish enough to even consider such a verboten thing as a riot.

My dear Miss Erica Jong, you might write best selling books but please refrain from making sententious statements. What you know and understand about POLITICS would not fill a tiny condom. I am being generous. I could have used the word thimble.

Hey there! Does anyone still know how to sew? With all cheapest of the cheap stuff flooding America from China, most people just buy throw away clothes. Why ever not? They have throw away food, needles and drugs. They even throw away their elderly. Millions of foetuses are sucked out and killed every year and flushed down toilets. Thrown and rid of like feces.

There is so much wanton destruction in our planet. Afghanistan and Iraq are no more. Their treasures plundered and gone. Human resources, which is the most precious thing Mankind possesses are slowly being slaughtered espeially in Africa. The Congo stands out. None dare call it Genocide.

The worst is yet to come. Deliverance is not going to take place under McCain or Obama.It would be incredibly beautiful for America to elect a mulatto, mestizo, half-breed, half black, African - American, use any word you wish. I am not so sure he is qualified to e a Leader in capital letters. But as I have reiterated, it will not change anything. He will do as he is bid/ordered. He may not necessarily like what he wil have to do but do it he will if he wishes to survive his first term as President.

As for McCain, he has been a Player for a long time. Therefore, he is already primed and prepped to OBEY. The sexy working class Sarah? The one who defines herself as a pitbull with lipstick?

Please be informed that in Italy where pitbulls have slaughtered infants in their prams and toddlers in parks and sliced off men and women's jugulars and carotids, Parliament is seriously considering passing a law which would entail spaying all the females and castrating all the males so that the race will eventually die out. This past year, and we have yet to end it come 31st of December, 23,000, yes twenty three thousand people have been atacked by pitbulls and other killer dogs. Germany is passing the same law which will include violent and vicious dogs such as rottweilers, Fila, and Dobermans.

I am sorry to say that Miss Sarah does not have any of the positive qualities of Elizabeth Rex I of England, Empress Maria Teresa of Austria, Empress Catherine the Great and Queen Isabella of Spain.

In more recent times she doesn't even come close to Queen Elizabeth ll, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Megawati Sukarno Putri or Margaret Thatcher. Before you get into an uproar, remember I stressed the phrase "their most positive qualities."

Back in old Europe we are quietly making preparations for survival in a world where T - S - H - H - T - F otherwise known as The Shit Has Hit The Fan. The worst is yet to come.

The other thing we are doing is praying.

In the meantime ... I look at those countries where the monarchy still plays a key role, and wonder if the French revolution did us any favors.


  1. Here's a link to a blog which collects examples of Obama's very Mao-like personality cult:


    The superstition of American Exceptionalism - the belief that America is an exceptional country which is immune to the kinds of political terror and mayhem which have afflicted far older and more sophisticated civilisations such as China - will inevitably lead America toward a period of social and political chaos equaling or perhaps even exceeding that of China's Cultural Revolution.

  2. Isabella,

    Wow - hopefully, the warnings you issue here will be enough to wake up a sufficient portion of America to make a difference. Is there no solution, then? What is the core of the problem which Americans need to grasp in order to reverse or at least ameliorate the dire situation? As for Sarah Palin, she's new on the national political scene, and no doubt will mature if given time. I certainly didn't know the pit bull situation was that serious, but I do know some very sweet dobermans and rotweillers. Would love to know the reason(s) why Marc'Aurelio thinks Obama is il meno peggio.



  3. Jeanne asked, "What is the core of the problem which Americans need to grasp...?"

    Their idolatrous belief, held by most nominally Christian Americans as well as secularists, in the inevitability of temporal "progress", which is inseparable from their repudiation of the Christian belief in Original Sin.
    And paradoxically, those beliefs are held, split-mindedly, by most so-called "fundamentalist Christian" and Catholic Americans.

    Theologically, the "antichrist" is a metaphor for those who repose their "hopes" for worldly "change"
    in the hands of political leaders.
    Jesus said "My kingdom is not of this world", and he was condemned and executed by the World's Number One Superpower.


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