Monday, November 10, 2008

Genetically Modified Crops -- Good or Bad?

With population on the rise ... and the amount of land to grow crops on the decline ... there are some people who believe that genetic modification of crops represents a viable strategy to increase crop yields.

On the other side - are people who believe we don't know enough about genetics and how things are linked who think that using genetic modified crops creates problems.

When we look at the big die off in bees - it has been noted that organic bee hives have not experienced the die off experienced in areas of high genetic manipulation.

While the war over oil in the Middle East has gotten the attention -- perhaps the more important war is the one going on over food. One of the battlegrounds this war is being waged is in India -- where about 1/2 of the land is now being farmed using genetically modified crops (thanks to IMF loans).

Recently I read a chilling story about tens of thousands of farmers who bought into the dream of modified crops ... and who are now dead. For details please click on the following link.

One of the major benefits (in my opinion) of living in the EU and in Italy in particular - is the strong resistance to genetically modified crops and the emphasis on the purity of the food. Some times the old ways really are the best. What do you think?

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  1. Considering how Americans no longer produce anything other than useless McMansions, soon to be useless cars, tattoos, and surreal debt instruments, and considering how America's government and people are bankrupt exponentially, what this article depicts of India foreshadows what Americans are going to experience very soon.

    And the trivial matter of Obama being Black isn't going to - um - "change" any of those ghastly material realities.


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