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Have we any applicants? The word King is another metaphor for Leader: President,Prime Minister, Reis, Czar, Sultan, or Emir. The Economist, that bastion of left wing Mammon featured Music and Angels on the cover of their Christmas issue. And Hurrah! they dared to use the word Christmas.

Alla faccia! La'nimaccia loro! Bravi!

That's deep Roman street slang. It means: In their faces. To their tainted souls. Bravi.

But let's get back to Compassionate King Wenceslas. I am printing a brief and simple score of the traditional medieval song Good King Wenceslas. The lyrics are splendid. The music is beautiful, worthy of such a kind man.

Do you see my point here? He did not parlare, parlare, parlare ad infinitum about massive plans to help the poor in his realm. Since he was a good and realistic Leader he knew he did not have the wealth nor the resources to feed all the poor much less give them work. So instead of talking out of his anal orifice as most of our elected Buffoons do, he asked his page/pages to take him to the places where the poor and hungry could be found. They went out to all the caverns and caves, shacks, tents and taverns where the poor lay doubled up in unceasing hunger pains. Taverns could sometimes be useful places for the scraps of bones and meat which the gluttonous Haves left on their plates.

He gave all the provisions which belonged to him. By their deeds ye shall know them.

Facta non Verba declared the ancient Romans. Actions not words.

I didn't find a single paragraph in the Economist nor in other prestigious magazines in the once mighty West about the concrete ways in which these clowns voted into power by really dumbed down idiots, meant to help the homeless and the needy.

We don't have a carmudgeonly Diogenes anywhere in our supposedly Christian world who cries out" Shut up you two-bit Leaders. It's time to get real. Show me the lolly destined for those in need. "

Come to think of it the world hasn't had a Diogenes since the time of Alexander the Great. He wasn't impressed with the son of Athena either. When asked by a fawning Alexander, " What is it that you want, great Diogenes. Ask and it shall be granted."

"Kindly step aside, you are blocking the sun," barked he.

That's all Diogenes said. Even Alexander was full of it. Indeed, the poor held no interest for him. He wanted as many young men as as the Goddess, his Mama would grant him. He needed them to die for his dreams of conquest. Historians can write until they are blue in the face. As far as I'm concerned the only ones who benefited 100% from all his wars were the vultures and the hyenas who could not believe the endless feasts of human flesh they could gorge themselves in.

The only natural born Leader who thought of feeding the people was Jesus. He wanted nothing to do with Politics or Mammon. People the accent is on the "O."

I am going to receive indignant letters for what I am about to say. Good. Express yourselves any which way. Disagree, create polemics and castigate me verbally - BUT - do not become ugly, insulting or threatening. You will be clicked away prestissimo.

General Reinhard Heydrich, Reichsprotektor of Bohemia- Moravia did feed the hungry Czechs. He doubled the salaries of the workers, paid them overtime and gave them bonuses on Christmastime. The blackmarketeers, profiteers, speculators and smugglers dangled from ropes for all the people to see. He targeted Big Shots, Even Germans.

Two villains got away. "Schindler the Swindler" the SS called him. The other was Alfie Goering, the con-man baby brother of Hermann Goering, who was Reichs - Marshall of the Luftwaffe and one of Hitler's oldest cronies.That fact and that alone saved them from the noose, although Heydrich ordered their arrest and they were briefly detained in a Prague jail. He banished them from the Czech border under pain of death by firing squad if they ever dared show their faces again. The SS dumped them in Poland. Neither Hitler nor Goering wanted these two bums anywhere near Germans. Hitler was particularly sensitive to gossip about corruption which happened to be true.

So far I would be embarassed and much more than that to mention President Obama in the same breath as our good, pure, intelligent and kind King Wenceslas.

I fear it will prove to be a fruitless enterprise. Nevertheless, we must keep on trying. So, I am trudging on. Onward Christian soldiers. Let us give Time to Time, whatever that has come to mean these days. Perhaps we shall know and see more facta rather than verba - actions not words, in the coming weeks.

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