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On the Eve of the Epiphany: All kinds of unimaginable horrors are taking place in the Holy Land.

A man called Yeshua - Jesus of Nazareth was born there, in Bethlehem. He died crucified on the cross in Jerusalem when he was but 33 years old, probably during the reign of Augustus Caesar or Tiberius Caesar.

The Holy Land is so thickly encrusted with blood since pre-Biblical times that the first sensation any sensitive person feels on visiting it, is that he or she is swimming in blood. The smell of it is overpowering. Its metallic odor oppresses you. Cries, moans, gasps, screams, yells and death rattles surround you amidst the traffic in Jerusalem and the ship's horns in Haifa.

As I write this, Israelis and Palestinians are still murdering each other. Mainly, the powerful Israeili IDF are hell bent on EXTERMINATION OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE.

Judeans know quite a bit about Holocausts, having suffered and survived one during the Second World War at the hands of the National Socialists( Nazis) and need I remind you, several ones under Joseph Stalin.

This time they are not on the receiving end. Havig sworn NEVER AGAIN, they have passed to the side of the murderers and are presenting to the world a Butcher's Theater of epic and cataclysmic proportions.

The manipulative and vociferous Western Lords of the Media, especially when dealing with Christian, Oops, I'll amend that to Catholic misdeeds throughout History all the way to our present days are ominously silent about the genocide being perpetrated on the persecuted and tragic Palestinians.

Members of the Italian press are more independent to say nothing of being financially well -off for one reason or another. Nothing will shut them up, not even the threat of finding themselves out of a job.

I must say that Prime Minister Berlusconi, who controls three of the country's most influential networks takes great efforts not to interfere with editorial content. On the other hand he has not protested too loudly over the never-ending onslaught in Gaza - a name that will go down in blood and infamy.

White phosphorus is raining down upon the inhabitants of Gaza. The Geneva Convention banned its use in 1980. What is that to the United States and to Israel? They only cite the Geneva Convention when it is useful to them. And none dares call it a Holocaust.

Doesn't everybody use terrible wepons during War? Yes, but: and there is a strong but here: no people have been so helplessly and perhaps hopelessly abandoned by the international community than the Palestinians, followed by the Iraqis and the Afghans.

Norwegian medics have found depleted uranium in the blood of Palestinian wounded. That's a horror. Yet none dare call it a Holocaust.

Not even that all embracing word - ethnic cleansing is used. That would really be the height of chutzpah. The Palestinians may be the only Semites left in Israel. Most of the Ashkenazi are Khazars from Khazaria, which used to be somewhere in Central Asia.

Sephardic Judeans are also Semites. They are few in number and do not live in Israel, for the most part. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Morocco and Iran's Judean community are Sephardics and therefore, true Semites.

The only voices crying out in the wilderness are those of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, Dr. Mohammed Mahathir of Malaysia and many Israeli intellectuals, artists and musicians.

Dr. Norman Finkelstein, the American historian and sociologist, whose book on The Holocaust Industry caused him untold pain and ostracism among his fellow Judeans continues to write on the Palestinian Shoah. Please remember that Finkelstein's parents are Holocast survivors.

I, like millions am helpless to change the situation in the Holy Land but those of us who have a blog must not be cowed or crushed into Omerta. ( much like the sacred silence of those who protect the Mafia )

We must continue writing and protesting even if we fear that our voices may be stilled or stifled to death.

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  1. Dear Isabel and friends,

    As Isabel knows through her Catholic faith, this entire world is a Holocaust in which the Son of God suffers along with all other sons and daughters of God; all of Humanity suffer together, in and through Christ.

    And as St Paul said (in paraphrase), "Now there is no longer any Jew nor Gentile; Jews and Gentiles are the same, in Christ."

    And centuries ago, a Sufi (nominally "Muslim") poet said:

    "Young man, you think you are on the road to Mecca, but THIS road you are traveling upon will take you to Tashkent!" (In what is now Uzbekistan.)

    And so, many true lovers of God will meet Him in Uzbekistan, or in some madrassahs in Afghanistan or Pakistan, or in some poor and persecuted Buddhist temple in "Communist" China, while so many parts of "Israel's" so-called "Holy Land", will remain very far away from God for many ages to come, because the turned a piece of land into an idol, while the True God, Al'Lah, hates and ultimately destroys all idols.

    La illaha illa'lah, "There is no god but THE God, and the present state of "Israel" is NOT His prophet!"


Isabel Van Fechtmann

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