Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well...he is not an Orator as JFK was, but then how many politicians were or are? As far as speeches go it had the usual " Let us not lose hope and all the rest of the trimmings" sort of thing.

Criminy! the nation is on the edge of a precipice, a great deal of " stuff " not only has slid into the fathomless precipice and its inevitable maelstrom but the snafus keep increasing at an alarming rate.

We are most surely in the middle of TSHHTF AGE.The Shit Has Hit The Fan Age.


A useless, banal and inane word.

I prefer Action.

As George Bernard Shaw declared,"Luck is a much better word if one puts a P before it."

The stressed to the maximum President Obama needs TIME. Perhaps the one and only thing he does not have.

The variables of Destiny are perfidious. The Cosmic Forces are unpredictable.It has ever been thus. Who is naive enough to believe in the inane conspiracy that unseen but nontheless human hands are pulling the strings of President Obama as well as other world leaders? What sheer Hubris to think that. I am not surprised we are all drowning in Nemesis.

Who can prove or disprove that the Three Fates of Greek Mythology are not ever present in our Destiny? Through our greed, lust and stupidity we have spurred Lachesis, the Fate who assigns destiny to hand us a particularly cruel and devastating one.

The second fate Clotho, who spins the thread of Life is now busy creating knots upon knots and intricate bows to sever us from the reality in which we live and move.

Atropos cuts the thread of life. This is the etymological origin of the word atrophy. The fearsome Atropos seems to be very busy cutting away at every thread she espies. They appear to be endless.

The unfortunate American people and the rest of the world like it or not have to lump it and bite on the proverbial bullet. We must give President Obama time. Is it ours to give? Probably not. But we must excogitate something.

Where is Obama going to get the time? That folks is his problem and his dilemma. Some of the buffoons in Congress and some vicious members of his cabinet are not going to come up with creative ideas to get us out of this fast approaching tsunami.

I guess the time has come for individuals to start using their wits and become more self - reliant. Practice frugality. Do not depend on the government for anything. In fact, place no trust in them. Become healthy skeptics and cynics. Be more loving and unselfish towards family and friends. Be kind to strangers in need. It might soon happen to you.

Believe in yourself and don't despair. As the Roman poet Horace said"NIL DESPERANDUM."

The truth is is NOT what you have or what you is WHO you are. Rich or poor, genius or average, I repeat, it is WHO you are that counts. If you don't know that now is a good time to discover it. Do it quickly, adversity and misfortune take no prisoners of those who have no identity and integrity.


  1. Excellent advice, Isabel. The only problem is, with all our good intentions, self-reliance, and pluck, we can't shake government leaning against us, pursuing us in every direction they decide to pursue, eager to pounce on poor, honest us, yet there go the above-the-fray, privileged politicians who don't bother to pay their taxes, get sweetheart deals, escape scrutiny, and just go on their merry way, while the Joe Schmoes of this world are victimized and made to pay up the kazoo.

  2. Generally my sympathies are with America's working class - ie, around 99 percent of the population even though they don't know they're really working class (most of America's superficially "wealthy" have never really been wealthy, as they're beginning to discover now) - but my sympathies are not unlimited, because most of them, including even those in the bottom half of the social pyramid, have been complicit in their own enslavement and impoverishment, with less excuse than the lower classes of less free lands.

    For a long time now, the majority of America's "Joe Schmoes" - by which I assume our friend JAR means the average working guys, both blue collar and white collar - have emulated and adopted the faux "tough-minded", uncompassionate, BULLYING, social-Darwinist creed of their oppressors and exploiters. I mean for at least the past 30 years or so, most working-class Americans have scorned, contemned and excoriated the homeless and the jobless with the Satanic lie:
    "Your poverty is your own fault; why don't you just GET A JOB?"

    But to be able to "get a job" is not just a one-way proposition. You can't get a job unless there IS a job, and then you can't even get an existing job unless someone agrees to give it to you. And as Man is essentially an unreasonable and unjust creature, the simple fact of being qualified and willing to take a job, does not mean one will be offered to you. And that's assuming that enough jobs even exist.

    So, now that the jobs are all disappearing, and hitherto employed and housed people are beginning to lose their homes and jobs in large numbers, NOW they're beginning to sob and bemoan the economic and social injustice they're experiencing...

    ...a bit too late for them to begin to perceive the injustice in it all, I think. Many (in fact, most) of the same people who just a few years ago had a merciless and contemptuous attitude toward the unfortunate, are just now beginning to realise that it CAN happen to ANYONE!

    And that's why, while on the one hand yes I'm sympathetic, on the other hand my sympathies for most of them are limited. I don't believe in collective guilt or collective punishment, yet the majority of Americans have brought this nightmare upon themselves, just like the majority of Germans were complicit in their country's evils and consequent punishments in 1933-45. And that just demonstrates that there is NO "exceptional" country in God's eyes; America is equally as subject to God's laws and God's justice and karma, as were Germany and Japan, whose innocents (especially children) suffered for the crimes of others.

    Therefore, I think now America - as a nation and as a national "collective consciousness" - is being chastised by God just like Germany was in 1945. But in accord with Isabel's admonition, "don't despair", it's good to remember that Germany rose from the material AND moral ashes within one generation after 1945, and became free of foreign domination within two generations (1989), because God's wrath - as God said to Moses - never lasts longer than a few generations, but God's mercy is forever. So, if the histories of the Jews and the Germans are any clue, what is best in America will rise from the ashes, within a few generations.

  3. Hope is the last act of a desperate man.


Isabel Van Fechtmann

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