Thursday, March 26, 2009


After a two year visit to the United States,
Michelangelo's David is returning to Italy . .

His p
roud Sponsors were:

Recent research has now determined that overuse of pesticides and fertilizers has led to a 30% reduction in the nutritional (lower vitamin and mineral levels) value of food grown in America and the way it is harvested before full ripeness to get it to the stores.

There's a lot that can be said for living in Italy and eating fruits and vegetables grown the old fashioned way - organically and supplied daily by small local farmers. I always wondered why many Italians bring their own food with them when they travel to America and other countries throughout the world - now I understand.

I concur with the Bossman, the Voice of the 20th century - Frank Sinatra who used to order his pesto alla Genovese, foccaccia di Recco, farinata and choice delicacies from Genoa. His mother Dolly was Genovese. He was known to many of the locals who often smiled and waved but rarely intruded.

While we are on the subject of extraordinary human beings, please remember the 11th of May on your calendar. The Postal Services of the United States are issuing a 42 cent stamp of Ole Blue Eyes. Super Cool!

Thanks to Sinatra, people the world over have a different attitude towards Italians. He pre-dated Gucci, Italian fashion, cuisine and Art. Because of him many people the world over have a softer outlook regarding the American people despite their warlike leaders.


  1. Nice to see your info on Frank Sinatra, Isabel, together with his favorite Italian food. I didn't know Sinatra's mother was Genovese. I did know he was very devoted to her and heartbroken when she died in a plane crash. I am pleased to say I met Ole Blue Eyes on a few different occasions in Hollywood and once in New York, at P.J. Clarke's, He was always a very polite gentleman.


  2. When I lived in England, one of the worst deprivations was the dearth of real pizza shops. The English would snark at my complaint, saying, "oh, you mean AMERICAN pizza? We have lots of those." I retorted,

    "No. A REAL pizza shop (the Philadelphian kind) is always run by the mafia, and it has a picture of Frank Sinatra on the wall, and the chef wears a white t-shirt and has hairy arms, and the ambience includes the chef's ex-wife barging in and shouting at him to pay more alimony or else she'll cut his balls off."

    There just aren't any REAL pizza shops like that in London.

  3. PS, according to Scorcese's "Goodfellas", there's better Italian food in American prisons than you can find anywhere in London:


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