Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Look - More Content

As you can see above - this site now has a new look. I've decided to expand my content ... and rather than put everything into this one blog I've created several new blogs so I can focus my essays and stories on a number of high content projects and issues.

To see all my blogs ... click on "view my complete profile" (you can find this under my picture & profile) and then select the blog(s) that interest you.

You can also "subscribe to" any / all of my blogs.

I'm planning on writing about current affairs on this blog - and for those of you who enjoy stories from my life - I'm creating a new blog which will exclusively feature intriguing stories from my past as well as stories told to be by close friends and relatives that I think you'll find fascinating.

I also plan to post more photos and I shall endeavor to do podcasts of some of my writings, stories and experiences.

Thank you ever so much for reading my blogs. I hope you will experience many emotions, high on the list is entertainment.


  1. Thanks for the expanded content, Isbel. Your posts reflect such a rich, wide content that this is a good move, and much appreciated by the reader. Am I imagining it, or did you also project three Spanish blogs, one for Castilian, one for Mexican, and one for South American Spanish? Am I correct that South American Spanish has more than one method of pronunciation? Don't the Argentinians speak differently than the Peruvians, etc.?

    I have sampled some of your other blogs, and am glad you're posting all this wonderful content.

    Mille grazie,


  2. Can't wait for the podcasts, Isabel. I'm really looking forward to that.



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