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The Italian Prime Minister's wife, Veronica Lario is intelligent, outspoken, beautiful and cultured. A former stage actress (she did Checkov, Brecht, Moliere, Corneile and Pirandello) not exactly what I would call little easy pieces.

Last week Veronica, who has refused to play "The First Lady" and rarely appears with the PM in public decided to write dear hubby a very public letter. Allow me to say that Veronica and her children participated in the march of Peace against the war in Iraq in Rome with over a million participants, months before Georgie Bush sent American troops to Iraq. I can imagine Tony Blair's chagrin as well. He and his spouse Cherie had spent several weeks at the Berlusconis' Palace on the Sardinian Sea.
"No one pays any attention to what I say at home," cracked Berlusconi. How simpatico and charming.

Twenty five years ago, the Radical Party sponsored a porno-star Cicciolina - little cuddly as a candidate for the Chamber of Deputies. She won of course. How could she not? All her considerable fans voted for her. Politics, after all is said and done, is nothing but a circus where the corpses are usually the spectators/voters. All Italians and most of the world saw the point. Amen to that.

Berlusconi likes women, especially pretty ones. With all the gay men crawling out of every rock, nook and closet it is a refreshing to see a hetero macho male extol the virtues of "Le Donne"The Women.

Hold it. He has gone too far. For years his three networks have been wall to wall boobs and bottoms. RAI, the public television networks have also sank to their competitors level.

Then he decided to present the so called "Veline" the veiled ones, because flimsy veils cover their vital parts when they appeared on talk shows,or headed their own insensate shows on television.

"These veiled ones will be excellent candidates to the European Parliament in Strasbourg," uttered he.

Tis true. Italy has few women deputies in the EU Parliament.

"These are women?" Veronica demanded to know.

Morale of the fable. Veronica won. Most of the names of le Veline with questionable credentials, brains and wherewithal other than their body parts were removed from the list subito ( that's Italian for right his moment)

And that, as they say should have been that.

Alas! Since most Italians are sophisticated political animals it turned into a hot debate and
pitted the center left against the center right. Everyone had to put in their opinions. The bloggers, porno loving men and men hating feminists, pilloried Veronica. Politicians of every political color and stripe jumped into the melee. The corrupt world media said unpleasant and unfounded things about her. For one thing, they don't know her. She rarely grants interviews and avoids public places. Indeed, she pays an agent to keep her out of the public's glare.

Veronica opens her intelligent mouth only when something needs to be said. She is her husband's gadfly. She is devoted to him in spite of certain divergences in their political ideologies.

Word media, shut up. Everybody should take this at face value. Premier Berlusconi is a tycoon, one of the richest men in the world. Like several billionaires, regardless of how many women they have bedded, they are naive about women.

Let's face it, you penis power addicted men, real women continue to be mysterious, unpredictable and enigmatic. They love their children and may enjoy staying at home, be it a simple house or a villa. Veronica is one such creature, like Jacqueline Kennedy she values her privacy.nIndeed, she is even more of a private individual than Jackie and most probably more politically savvy if not street smart.

Divorce? I very much doubt it. The Premier enjoys his strong, opinionated, beautiful and witty wife. She is very useful to him. No one else can speak to him and tell him in no uncertain terms that the Emperor has no clothes on.

"Date una regolata, caro marito." Get real, dear husband.

As for her supposed numerous lovers, that is utter rubbish. She is too smart. Now a flirt or two, or a profound friendship with a philosopher, Professor or an intellectual does not necessarily mean sexual liaisons. Her husband, as with all billionaires and powerful men, have very fragile egos. They can forgive anything but being made cuckolds.

Brava Veronica. Wives are supposed to be their husband's best friends. You are that.


  1. Cara Isabella,

    Fascinating piece on Veronica Lario (and mascalzone Silvio). I knew nothing at all about Veronica's background till I read your blog entry. I'm glad you have enlightened us.

    Molte grazie.


  2. Agree wholeheartedly, excellent and enlightening story! Now I’ll know more about Veronica than her mere name and I thank you for that, Isabelle! You’ve considerably broadened my horizons!


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