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A dear friend, Prince Giovanni Pallavicini Graham, of Papal black nobility and Scottish royalty once remarked after a three month visit to Iran, "But my dear, things are changing. The women are wearing make up on their faces, their eyes are heavily made up."

Now Giovanni was a cultured man. I know no other man whose trust fund was created by a Pope in the Renaissance or at any other time in the history of the Catholic Church. This alone gives you an idea of Giovanni's liquidity. A Renaissance Palace in Venice and Genoa, a villa in the Bosporus, another cozy one in Palm Beach, a flat in Nob Hill, San Francisco and a mountain retreat in the Adirondacks.

If someone like Giovanni with all his cultural and L'art de vivre would utter such a sententious statement, I can only wonder at the assessment made by a collectively ignoramus media in the United States. Allow me to correct that. Certainly there are highly educated and erudite members of the Media - It is their Paymasters who tell them what to say, how to say it and for how long.

Iranians are a brilliant, highly intelligent and spiritual people. Their spirituality borders on the mystical. They have a natural affinity with numbers. The likes of Omar Khayyam, Jalauddin Rumi, and Hafiz, scientists, mathematicians and astronomers all; are unmatched in our poetry except for perhaps Saint John of the Cross or Saint Teresa of Avila.

From the sublime to the practical - Iranians have always possessed great acumen when it comes to making money. Their epic poem, the Shah Nameh, recounts their battles and they remain some of the most fierce and fearless warriors - Islamic Samurais and Jihadists.

Before the advent of Islam they were Zoroastrians. That too is a monotheistic religion. Some 40,000 to 50,000 Parsees still practice their religion in Iran. The three Magi, although I believe they may have been many more, chose three Astronomers, Seers, Alchemists, Prophets and Holy Men to represent them at the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

The 40,000 Orthodox Torah Jews who consider themselves Iranians first and love their country is a topic I rarely read about. They are not persecuted and most are prosperous and free to observe and practice their religion. These Jews are from THE EAST - therefore not Khazar/Mongol/Turkic/Ashkenazim. They wouldn't touch the Zohar(Kabbalah) or even study it for all the gold in China.

What garbage to say that we, so called Western peoples should bring Democracy to Iran. What??????????????

Iran had democracy in the 50's when the useless, debauched and corrupt Shah was deposed and Mohammed Mossadegh was elected in a free, democratic election. It was unacceptable to the Anglo-Americans. The Iranians nationalized NIOC - National Iranian Oil Corporation. The bloody cheek of these Iranians! So Kermit Roosevelt, nephew of Franklin Delano Roosevelt masterminded demonstrations, incidents, protests from the basement of the American Embassy in Tehran. Allen Dulles , director of the CIA and brother of John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State backed dear old Kermit with dollars galore. And where was the Shah? Having the ball of his life in Rome. Wine, Women, Girls, boys, psychotropic drugs, movie stars, dancers, transvestites - it was fun and games every single day and night.

The Shah went to Le Rosay in Switzerland, so he spoke better French and English than Farsi. I doubt he ever read much of anything in Farsi. He certainly needed coaching on how to behave in a mosque if he had ever deigned to visit one once or twice.

His family had no claim to any throne, much less Iran's fabled Peacock Throne. The British bureaucrats aided and abetted by greedy bankersters/gangsters in Britain and the United States placed this lowly army officer in the Persian Army (the Shah's father) and told him to take the throne as Shahin Shah. Oh to be sure, he was ambitious, ruthless, vicious, and greedy. He was also somewhat of a non-believer in his own religion, Islam. Thus, the Pahlevi dynasty came about.

The Shah was the perfect puppet for the oil companies and the secret services. There was hardly anything left of the traits which most Iranians have, their sense of poetry, spiritual feeling, a natural trait of being connected to God and to the Universe, respect for the Q'uranic laws. To all effects and purposes the Shah was European to the core. After the coup which put him back in power in 1955, he became more Americanized. His American Advisors out numbered his Iranian and British ones. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that the Americans ran Tehran and did exactly as they pleased. Their presence was very high profile. You could see them everywhere.

Really People. THINK! REASON! How are you going to organize riots, protests, strikes, demonstrations, coups, and attacks by the media without MONEY. That is the key. That is the root of everything. The Bible says MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Some would soften that as THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

That's wrong. Vicious, bloodthirsty, malevolent individuals do not necessarily love money. They need it for their nefarious schemes. Mostly Money is necessary to de-stabilize a country, to topple a government whose policies are polar opposites to ours, to assassinate leaders elected democratically but who think a little too independently of what the interests of these elite groups are. Most often, these righteous leaders are killed, assassinated, suicided, hanged, executed and replaced by tyrants amenable to the not so enlightened interests of the West. The Pahlevis stand out as one of these examples.

Is it more than just a distinct possibility that almost all the protests in Tehran against the so-called fradulent election of Ahmadinejad was staged , bought and paid for by black OPS.? But of course! It is more than just a possibility, it is a probability.

This time, the Iranians knew "the game" was being played. Preparations had been made months beforehand.They had what one
might call experience in the game. There is nothing like it.

A young Ahmadinejad, then a student was one of a band of students who raided the American Embassy in Tehran after the Shah had fled the country in 1979.

The Ayatollah Khomeini, living in exile in Paris was installed as Temporal and Spiritual Leader. He returned to a tumultuous triumph. The students suspected that even then, the Embassy was being used by the CIA and other secret services as a center for counterinsurgency and espionage. They broke international Law by violating the territoriality of the US - (a law first decreed by Genghis Khan, by the way) but they found spies and agents hard at work attempting to undermine the new government of Iran which, make no mistake was clearly People Power. The Anglo/Americans lost their bid to de-stabilize and control Iran's oil, gas and water.

They never lost hope and continued their plotting unabated.

Remember the Iran-Contra Affair during the Reagan administration? The man in charge was Colonel Oliver North. He had blonde locks and a "I wouldn't harm a fly smile". The deal was simple enough. The U. S. and Iran through brokers transacted business. What was the nature of the business? The Iranians bought armaments from American companies with the benediction of the government. The monies from the Iranians was used to finance the many counter insurgency wars taking place in San Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. The groups might have been Socialist/Marxists but they were more Nationalist in nature. They wanted a bigger piece of the pie which comprised their natural resources in order to be less impoverished. The rub was that their natural resources happened to be , without exception, in the hands of U. S. multinationals. If you happened to be the CEO of United Fruit, you did not relish the idea of sharing even a little bit of your wealth to the poor Indios whose country you had been exploiting without mercy or let up for almost 50 years.

Endless congressional hearings took place on the Iran Contra Affair. Nothing much ever came of it. Did anyone expect anything earth-shaking would ever come to light? Fools they for thinking so. God forbid President Reagan's name should be besmirched.

The election this month was an opportunity not to be missed. For some reason Iran is not allowed to develop its nuclear power. In the area, only Israel may have nuclear installations with the capability to nuke Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Saudi-Arabia and any country in the Near and Middle East it develops a mysterious dislike to. The opposition Mousavi played a very good hand. Moderate he? He was one of the most brutal hardliners in government. But the Anglo American establishment (do we really know, I don't) frequently seems to bed the weirdest, eeriest and queerest bedfellows. The Secret Services saw this as another chance to set things right. Divide et Imperat - the Roman Emperors often said. Divide and Conquer. Now you know where the word empire comes from - the Latin Imperat - to rule and to conquer. The West has lost this round. Checkmate. But the game is far from over. It might do us some good to remember the chess was invented by the Iranians. Indeed, the word checkmate derives from Shamat - the King is dead.

As is frequently the case, the Iranian people lost the most in lives and limbs and damages to businesses. I am including all Iranians. The authorities, the para-military authorities, the sincere but duped young people who received money to stage protests and other disturbances.

What can I say about the lovely Neda, now being paraded as a martyr by the opposition and by the fearful for their jobs and bought media in the West? It does get curioser and curioser. First of all, she was walking in a quiet street, she was clearly not a participant in any demonstration or act of violence - at that particular time. I have a tendency to doubt eye witnesses. Even her father might be too grief stricken and/or too involved in his own agenda to be lucid. She might have been seeking a way to stay out of harm's way. I certainly would have. We just don't know. Al-Jazeera in Arabic shows her first being shot in the back, followed by a shot in the upper chest, close to her neck. Her head and upper back literally floated in blood as she lay sprawled on the ground. That's why someone, probably her father was cradling her head and imprecating laments at the same time.

I have studied her enlarged photos with an Italian friend who is a sniper for the Police - what is known as a" franco tiratore". The meaning is a typically ironic Florentine expression. The word franco means open and tiratore means shootist. Yet, as we all know, snipers are always hidden from us. Not only do they use face masks which cover their faces, hair and neck, they cover their hands with thick gloves up to their elbows and avoid speaking so as not to betray themselves even by their voices. Most use contact lenses to change the color of their eyes. He and his group of snipers think that the lovely Neda was deliberately shot and killed. A False flag? Will we ever know who committed this foul deed?

May she rest in peace in Paradise.

As for the Ayatollahs being divided. So what's new? It's human to be divided. The Cardinals in the Vatican Curia are divided over certain issues. The rabbis in Jerusalem can't agree on everything either. I have yet to see a truly United States of America. It appears to me that its becoming loosier and goosier every day. Even President Obama will be hard pressed to patch up Humpty Dumpty. Italy is in much the same situation. They can't agree on much of anything except taking vacations by the seaside, the mountains or traveling to exotic places.

I don't agree with every rule in Iran. Truth be told, I would much rather wear a caftan or a chador and a veil than go topless at the beach or undergo a strip search by the police in Chicago for speeding!!!

My Iranian girl friends tell me that once they are in bed with their husbands they are naked and make love as wildly as their stamina and staying power permits. They have no inhibitions. Viva L'Amore!


  1. You might enjoy a new movie, "Persepolis", based on the autobiography of a young Iranian woman, Marjane Satrapi. The understated animation is refreshing in contrast to all the deliberately disorienting, brain-destroying computerised flashes and noises coming out of Hollywood these days. Trailer:

  2. Cara Isabella,

    As always, I enjoyed your article on Iran. You say, "For some reason Iran is not allowed to develop its nuclear power," so that in the region, only Israel is given a pass to do so. The main reason for this was always cited as being that Israel was considered the only democracy in the area, the one country that could be relied upon to side with the United States. At present, that assessment may be changing, as President Obama has given evidence of having different ideas on Israel and Iran from those of his predecessors. In the past, our presidents have taken a firm stand in opposing the lack of democracy as espoused by Iran's hardnosed ruling ayatollahs and mullahs. That too, shows signs of changing in the Obama presidency. Slowly but surely, one sees signs of the Islamic caliphate taking firmer hold in the west, with sharia law advancing, accompanied by an increased U.S. acceptance of Iran developing their nuclear power.



  3. Just because the White House has become slightly less in the pocket of Israel doesn't mean the Islamic Caliphate is taking hold in the West.
    Every civilisation has some kind of natural boundary, such as Islam encountered at the Battle of Tours in 732 and then again after they retreated from Vienna in 1681. But of course we ought to visit each other, occasionally emigrate and intermarry, and exchange ideas in cosmopolitan ways.

  4. Hello, John,

    While it could be a nice idea, as you suggest, to "visit each other, occasionally emigrate and intermarry and exchange ideas in cosmopolitan ways," if offered the opportunity to emigrate and intermarry, personally, I would not wish to subject myself to the possibility of honor killing, the necessity of burqa/hajib wearing, male dominance, sharia law, and other features of Islam that don't appeal to me as a Western woman. Too bad so many compromises and capitulations are expected from us, too few from them, which is the main reason I do believe, as I stated, that "slowly but surely," the caliphate is coming.



  5. Hi Jeanne, good to hear from ya.

    As an Anglo-American lawyer steeped in the English legal tradition, I of all people would be horrified to see Shariah law in my native or adopted country. But that's not inconsistent with cosmopolitan exchanges of ideas and cooperation with Muslims, who are by no means homogeneous.

    And who said intermarriage is only between Western women and Muslim men? When I was a young man, my Catholic father advised me, tongue-in-cheek, to do what he did and "find a good-looking Protestant and convert her." ;-)

  6. And as for nuclear weapons, America shouldn't have them either. In fact they're not even "weapons". A sword is a weapon; a firearm is a weapon; but a nuclear bomb is utterly inconsistent with any deed by a warrior, and it is impossible to use "defensively".

  7. Hi, John,

    A propos of your above post " for nuclear weapons, America shouldn't have them, either ..." An interview with former US Defense Secretary James Schlesinger by Melanie Kirkpatrick appears in today's Wall Street Journal, on the subject of "Why We Don't Want a Nuclear-Free World." -I'd be interested to hear if Schesinger convinces you the US should maintain and upgrade its nuclear arsenal.




    Maybe this link will come out better?

  9. Hey Jeanne, my friend,

    Thanks for that! And sorry for my delay in responding. Here is my response to yours, regarding that article:

    Fourth paragraph: I don't give a flying f--- about Schesinger's "credentials" and "experience". Bloody Stalin had more exeperience with thinking about nuclear war than Schlesinger did, but that doesn't mean Stalin was wise, let alone moral.

    And I won't bother to address each and every vapid, abstract "point" that the political prostitute Schlesinger made in that article. Because, as the Sufis say (and our friend Isabel can confirm this):

    "Commenting on nonsense only multiplies nonsense".

    God's truth does not need any opportunistic lifelong political whores like Schlesinger to pretend to explain what ought to be common sense: Nuclear weapons are evil and there is no excuse for anyone to have them or to use them. None. And the mere fact that Schelsinger personally knew the whoremonger JFK, does not change this truth. Glamour and temporal prestige does not change Truth; if it did, then the humiliating crucifixion of Jesus would have meant nothing...

    ...but the Truth is Christ crucified, turning all worldly "power" upside-down.

  10. Hi, John,

    I understand your moral arguments against nuclear arms. But how does morality play in the light of pragmatism? Some countries do not care to be at risk, knowing untrustworthy opponents have no qualms about harming them. In that sense is not nuclear strength justifiable as a deterrent?

  11. Agreed, America shouldn’t possess the nuclear weapons, but the other statements are a little uncertain if you ask me. I mean how much we as Christians Really and I mean REALLY know about Islam? Not so much and that’s our main problem. We have been allowing the US media to scare us out of our senses concerning this matter even though each and everyone of us is perfectly capable of discovering it all on our own. I’m not saying I have it as a plan to become a Muslim, but I have read the Koran and have studied the laws adopted by the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century, those laws were just and Humaine, I was extremely surprised to have discovered this for myself! As for the defeat in Vienna in 1681, it happened due to the decay of the Sultanic power in the Ottoman Empire and the power-thirsty prime-minister, Kara Mustafa, who thought more of his own interests than those of his Lord and Master.
    For my part I am less prejudiced now against Islam than I was a few years ago, but then again I come from a Secularized Muslim republic of Kazakhstan where I as a Christian am free to practice my Relligion as I please. Here we are not made to cover our heads as some Western people imagine, there are different sides to every coin and I wish more people remembered that undeniable fact…


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