Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My!My! Mr. Obama: How were you not brought up?

Let's be candid. Mr Obama and his family are a lovely sight to behold. He did not utter any gaffes in Germany, France and Egypt. Hold on a minute. Sometimes what a political Leader does not say or do is even more important than putting his foot in his bouche.

He snubbed Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, by stopping at Buchenwald, a former concentration and death camp to look properly horrified - and get tons of US and Israeli press.

We have several nauseating death camps in the Philippines run by the Japanese during their Occupation. Filipios, Americans and Europeans perished there. Other than General Douglas MadArthur, I cannot recall any American President taking time off his busy schedule to pay his respects.

Yet Obama did not visit Berlin, the site of so much German death and suffering thanks to raw revenge on the part of the Soviets - first, the blood soaked Stalin and then that malevolent peasant Nikita Khruschev, who built the Berlin Wall as a reminder 24/7 to the "hated" Germans that their country was a DIVIDED ONE. It would remain that way for decades.

I can't say with certainty that only Jews died in Buchenwald. Why? My clan lost dozens of relatives and friends who died from dysentery and typhus there. They were Catholics, Masons, and Lutherans.

Obama failed to show Polish, Politesse, and Courtesy in his omissions towards President Sarkosy as well. What is wrong with an intimate dinner with Nicholas and Carla? True, they enjoyed a twenty minute luncheon. What's that? Did you say Twenty Minutes? They must not have discussed anything other than Sidney Bechet and Satchmo. Mon Dieu! Mind you, those personages are infinitely better than the buffoons and bums we are presently saddled with in various governments.

No Frenchmen would have taken a simple dinner between the Obamas and the Sarkosys as an endorsement during an election period. Quite the contrary, given the high Muslim population in France it surely would have had a counter-productive effect.

Of course Sarkozy does not have the charisma and stature of President Charles de Gaulle. What world leader does today? Perhaps only John F. Kennedy in his time.

The British, rightly so, were offended by Obama's attitude on Omaha Beach, Normandy. That incompetent idiot General Eisenhower directed operations from England. A great deal of British, Scottish, Canadian, and Australian/New Zealanders died, cut into pieces by German artillery and bombs. Lest we forget. The Generals history will remember are Erwin Rommel and George Patton. Without the 59 million Russian corpses, D-Day would never have taken place - if he really wanted to honor the dead from WWII -- he should have gone to Russia.

President Obama is clearly peeved at President Berlusconi's remark after he won the elections.

"Obama is tall, tan and handsome."

I wouldn't go so far as to call him handsome. Attractive fits him more. Denzel Wahington is handsome, so is Will Smith. Morgan Freeman is sooo elegant. Samue L. Jackson sexy but I reiterate the President is an attractive man.

Why should Prime Minister Berlusconi's remark have offended him? Lack of polish. AAH! That's refreshing. That will be acquired with time.

It was not a flippant remark. Obama's advisors have tails of straw. In Italy, especially here in the Italian Riviera, almost everyone who can afford it becomes as dark as a Moor come summer. It is a status symbol. Tanning salons are Quelle Horreur! Que Barbaridad! It's only for the tasteless. In any case there is a difference in the shade and in the color of a tan slowly accumulated on a yacht, a private beach, a mountain or seaside resort. Most of us can tell.

The United States is bankrupt. Why spend the ill-gotten gains of bankster/gangster money on junkets abroad? Worse, the American people cannot afford all this trips abroad vis-a-vis their President. As a matter of fact, neither can most of the EU leaders. So why are they doing it? Are most of us already on a form of soylent green?

More importantly, are our Secretaries of State as tacky and brassy as Hillary Clinton? Criminy! We don't need to even ask where she was not brought up. There is no breeding there. Full Stop.

Let the so called Leaders of this mad world do Skype like the rest of us!


  1. Amen! Enough of these silly trips at taxpayers' expense. Skype is a good idea, Isabel, except that for the likes of our dear leaders, it wouldn't provide them with enough P.R. exposure. However, one of these days, maybe the populace will get sick of being ripped off by those in power.

  2. Bravo, Isabella! What you said concerning the victims of WWII, we, Russians, certainly have more claim to the world’s respect than we have enjoyed for decades. It was our country that suffered the attacks, our cities were destroyed, our people starved, we were the ones marching into berlin, taking the hated war into the enemy’s land. For what? Only to stand by now and hear Americans say that They had saved the world from Fascists! Our history has been torn apart by various people for various reasons and it brings tears to my eyes to see someone recognize the part my nation in general and my own grandfather in particular had played in that horrible struggle against the power-hungry Hitler.


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