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The Precursor to globalism (and there is much that is positive and viable about it) was
Suleyman the Magnificent also known as Suleyman Kanuni - the Lawmaker.

He traveled to Mecca as a simple pilgrim with only his grand vazir and his wife disguised as a young male servant. It was not until he had left the city that the guardians of the Hegaz were handed thousands of gold ducats and a handwritten greeting with his gorgeous blue tugra.

Friends, that is how RESPECT is earned.

This is the splendid Suleimaniye Mosque in Istanbul. It was designed and built by Sinan the Great, a Greek/Serbian architect and engineer. Without a doubt, Sinan the Great was as prolific and multifaceted in his designs as Imhotep the Great, of Pharaonic times.

I think that the mathematical perfection as well as the religious and mystical wonder of the Suleimaniye Mosque render it one of the wonders of the Rennaisance and of the modern world.

That is the reason why I am displaying the Mosque, and Suleyman's portrait at this special time - the end of Eid, No Muslim Leader, nay, no Leader of any religious belief has ever succeeded in being loved by all three peoples of THE BOOK. Suleyman seems to be the first and last Ruler who united Muslims, Christians and Jews to live together in harmony within his Empire.

His Mother the Valide Sultana Hafsa was Russian. His father Sultan Selim (the Cruel) according to some prejudiced Western historians might possibly have been one eighth Turkish, since his mother was also a Russian from the Crimea.

Sultana Roxelana, Suleyman's consort was a full blooded Russian from Kiev.

The language of his elite Janissaries was Serbian.

The Ulema only spoke classical Arabic.

He trusted his Jewish physicians implicitly. Indeed,he had a formidable Jewish regiment which was composed of voluntary warriors as there was no conscription of Jews or Christians.

His Ambassador to the Venetian Republic - La Serenissima was the Sephardic Jewish banker Yussuf Nazy. The Sultana Roxelana was engaged in a proftable shipping venture with Graca Mendes Nazi, aunt of Yusuf.

Suleymans's Ambassador to Hungary was the Venetian Prince Ludovico Gritti, natural son of Doge Andrea Gritti.

"I only want to create one form of aristocracy - that of the brain," declared Suleyman the Magnificent.

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