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Fashion Week in New York, Milan and Paris is a bore and a chore to attend. Time is Money, so say the foolish pundits, who do not deserve being called pundits if they are in the Fashion Business. It is an unmitigated waste of Time,Money and physical Energy plus an unpardonable waste of sleep. Regular good night's sleep keeps you healthier and younger than anything these food quacks and bamboozling cosmetic scammers can tell you.

In truth, time and space for those of us who have an inkling of Quantum Physics  does not exist. I am not going to waste my time explaining it to those whose life depends on the color of his or her new so called Collection. If you are in the shmata trade you have no business knowing anything about algorithms, time travel and other fascinating subjects which are upon us. Get real. Get another business to sink your rapacious canines into. Get out of Fashion. It is stone cold dead, like so many of its drug addled, brain fried, whacked out, litter glitter plastic surgeried to caricatures of themselves or of their favorite pets. I will no longer put up with self-centered Mode gurus with cocked up kids, suicidal, maniacal stylists,  HB, TB and HIV pouring from every pore; we have all taken to kissing the air surrounding them if we absolutely must.

Once upon a wonderful Life - Designers did exist, Virginia. They had good educations - from the streets, their  bisexual lovers or from their bourgoisie families. They knew how to cut any fabric including your throat if you overdid the rich bitch role or misbehaved or caused scandals in which you ended up getting CAUGHT and photographed with their priceless creations on the floor as your spouse's slimy photographer clicked on in order to sue you for adultery. Worse, if you dared display any of their suits on your faithless body in court. Please please pay attention, the catch word here is Caught.

They had CLASS  to sell, dispense with and spare. A woman might have the Lolly, but never think for a moment that She chose them. Artists like Cristobal Balenciaga, Norman Norell, Irene, Mainbocher, Pauline Trigere, Balmain, Givenchy, Dior, Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci; if they deemed you worthy to carry their clothes on your straight and elegant back with elan and panache chose YOU. That is a fact. If you thought otherwise, delusional is the only word for you.  In their rarefied world, Money was NOT everything. You know what? It isn't!

These Couturiers knew how to cut and sew as I said. They heard and knew plenty. Rich bitches were not known for their gentility and kindness. Barracudas was a more apt description: backbiting about their best friends, husbands. lovers, parents, siblings, anybody who might be more interesting than they. It did not take very much. These clothes horse dingbats screwed their friends lovers and husbands to death without a qualm. The Couture Grandees saw and heard all; they kept their lips sealed, like tombs.

The revelations of that weasel Truman Capote can only be described as reprehensible. But the actions of his vicious "Swans" towards each other (Babe Paley excluded) are even more malicious and nasty. They all deserved each other. I found it quite incestuous. Madame X's former husband ends up marrying Madame Y, whose former lover married Madame Z. This sexual Carousel caused a great deal of damage - to their helpless and guiltless children. Jails, overdoses, death by suicide, ashrams run by hucksters, cults, sleazy friends and even more obscene mates. Nothing was too horrifying for these lovely children who turned obnoxious from lack of parental love.

 What possessed these fashionable/fashionista women to befriend a loathsome creature like Capote? Perhaps not even God knows.

I met Capote several times. He was fawning,  patently false and repulsive.  I always felt like spraying disinfectant all over him. I can see why my darling friend Gore Vidal could not abide the Capote creature. Good Lord! He couldn't even write!. Which reveals a great deal about the publishing industry.

Their outer shells shone with style and elegance. I have had some dealings with most of these "Swans". Empty, vacuous inner shells. Desperately unhappy women. They lived for clothes, furs, and jewelry, yet more palatial mansions to decorate, yachts, and the inevitable parties with pussy/penis galore.  To be adored by the fashion/gossip columnists was their goal and  that made their pitiful days and nights  It gave them orgasms to constantly see their names talked about and see themselves and their beautiful clothes photographed.  Showpieces of their husband's success, they seemed unaware or uncaring that their lawfully wedded spent their afternoons f--ck--g the pea brains out of some hooker or starlet.

The only one I take my hat off to is Babe Paley. She was a natural; beauty with a kind and spiritual side tht was endearing. Her husband appeared suave and sophisticated but he frequently abused her verbally if not physically. Like President JFk, he appeared to be in a constant state of priapism, He never had JFK's magnetic looks or charm so I doubt his conquests  ever came close to the President's. On the other hand, more girls and starlets would have done anything ( what's a little whoopee in bed) for a small role on television?

Paris no longer dictates anything. Milan? Are you daft? Rome? Only if you want to see boobs and bottoms. London? What did you say? All the greats have died, their Houses taken over by Octupi corporations who have no idea what Style and Elegance mean, not do they care. Why? Because the dumbed down public follows what  Mad Dory Malone and Stinky Rinky wear in their disgusting Reality shows.

Take Lady Gaga. Who taught her how not to dress?  Madonna is not an improvement but anything is better than the thingies on Lady Gaga. As a fifty something woman Madonna really ought to know better. Back to Lady Gaga. In French Gaga' means dotty / craeked in the tete.

In Castilian Gaga or Gago is used to describe someone who behaves as a mentally deficient individual. That does not mean that they may be lacking some nuts and bolts in their skull.

In the Philippines, Cuba and Mexico a gaga or a gago is some one who is incapable of distinguishing right from wrong but in a silly way. Thus a gago might eat shit - crap. You are what you eat, therefore you are a gago shit. Get it?   A gaga or gago will stroll into gangland territory without a gun relying only on his gago/gaga demeanor. Guess what happens to them?   I realize the PC word to use is mentally impaired.  Never mind. You get the drift.

My 4 year old grandson Niccolo used to like Lady Gaga. I explained what the word Gaga means. He is now eight.  He digs Beyonce and Will Smith. He's moved on and is growing up. Adults, so called are going backwards like some crabs in the Sulu Seas.

Fashion has moved East. Some Sheikhas have their entire wardrobe made by Ninon de Lenclos. Be quiet. Madame Ninon only creates for them. We never see them,because they don't attend silly charity balls, where most of the dinero never  seems to find its way to the charity anyway. They are rarely photographed. images of them in newspapers or on television are not welcome in Islam. Indeed, they are forbidden.

Besides, Power and Influence function better behind a screen. these sheikhas, unlike their American and European counterparts have many duties to fulfill. Their traditions are old fashioned ones. Some of them have their own courts, protocols, business empires to run. Some own their own private banks.  They are very engage women and are sincerely endeavoring to improve the attitudes of the men towards women in their countries. by their actions and/or their writings they influence girls and women to be more assertive as opposed to aggressive.

 Not that women in the West are treated any better. by their men in the workplace, or at home. tt was all a humongous feminist hoax by those monstrous chimeras Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan, Susan Sontag and Susan Sondheim. They are a part, albeit a small one why true and becoming feminine Fashion is dead in the West.

Slacks are more comfortable and are more becoming to a woman than jeans. Yet we all wear them like the idiots we are. That's because the Feminists who are not at all feminine women and glorified sex with other women, putting down sex with men as toxic began to wear jeans . Many women felt oppressed, because their lives were not going according to the American Dream. Someone deliberately did not tell them that happiness cometh with inner joy and serenity,

In any case, before Women's Liberation, we had to all fight together for Men's Liberation. One cannot be done without the other.  Men are still enslaved and downtrodden in our society - nay throughout the world.

As a result of tight jeans which delineated women's vulvas and men's penises. many women complained when they developed Candida, which is a deadly infection, believe me, not the harmless infection  OB - GYNS pooh - poohs. God help us. Oy Vey!



  1. Can't wait for the second installment, Isabel. The first is absolutely brilliant. I so enjoyed the walk down memory lane - Capote, Babe and William Paley; would like to hear more about the sheikhas who run private banks and are trying to improve the lot of women; also would like to know more about the designer with the audacity to call herself Ninon de Lenclos! "Susan" Sondheim? Would like to hear more about him/her as well. Thanks for the delicious treat.



  2. Isabel, I posted a comment yesterday, but it has not appeared. Did it get lost? - Jeanne

  3. "In truth, time and space for those of us who have an inkling of Quantum Physics does not exist."

    More precisely, in quantum physics time and space do exist, but not as impersonal dimensions. This literally returns Man to the centre of the universe, with the understanding that the centre is personal and participant.


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