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I wrote a previous essay about how dangerous it was and still is to be a Pope. Indeed, Pope Paul VI became A pope because the Cardinal who had received the most votes in the secret conclave replied in a strong and loud voice "NO!" when he was asked by the Camerlengo if he accepted the votes of the Cardinals and was ready, willing and able to assume his Papacy. When John Paul II heard that he had received the most votes, he fainted and fell to the marble floor in a heap.

Padre Pio, the miraculous Capuchin friar in Marina di Pietrasanta who had stigmata for over 50 years had once asked to see "Il Vescovo Polacco di Cracovia.'' Wojtila was very devoted to Padre Pio and the many miracles he had wrought on Catholics and non-believers alike. I need to be precise. Many Italians were Atheists because they followed the tenets of Marx and thus Godless would be e a good word to describe them. Padre Pio did not care. If the dying child, individual or a relative of the sick prayed to him, he listened and then beseeched God to grant him this wish if God willed it.

The Capuchin friar was bent over with pain from his many bleeding wounds, as the wounds Jesus sustained in the scourging, the crown of thorns, the wounds on his hands and feet, the spear of Longinus to ascertain He was dead in Golgotha, during the Cucifixion.His hands and his feet always covered in bandages never served to cover the blood because on certain times such as Lent, the flow of blood was copious and continuous.

And then the obedient Bishop Wojtila of Cracow came to Padre Pio. No one knows what was said at the time. But the constant murmurs flitted among the Vatican Curia.  The Polish Bishop was a little shaken and pale after his dialogue. His white cassock stained with blood. Clearly, they had embraced.

Padre Pio is supposed to have kissed his ring and said something to the effect that the Polish prelate would one day be Pope. He would not live to see it for he would be dead at least 20 years before. The stunned Wojtila is said to have remarked,” First I must be named a Cardinal and I am not sure this will ever take place."

He predicted a Pontificate of hardship, pain and suffering. He mentioned the assassination attempt on his life and he did not know if the Pope would survive it.

In the last 10 years of Pope John Paul II's life, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger performed most of his daily administrative duties, in addition to his own duties at the Congregation of the Faith. He did so silently and fervently.

The Anglo-American Media have the news ass backwards as usual. The German Press never referred to Cardinal Ratzinger as a Rottweiler. He was known to them as  "THE PANZER POPE"

Yes, there is a pedophile scandal sweeping through the church. Who is fanning these ugly flames? Who hates the Catholic Church and what it has stood for, for better and for worse for over 2,000 years? People! You have to ask yourself these questions. Do you think the Catholic Church has the most perverted and obscene priests? There are quite a few Rabbis who molest their students. Indeed, according to Talmudic Law, having sex with a child over three years of age is not against Talmudic Law. If you dare attack me personally on this, I have learned Rabbis and Jewish intellectuals who are devout Torah Jews who would leap to my defense, because they are righteous and honorable men.

I would be less suspicious of these accusations, almost all of which involve immense sums of blood if the hatred behind them would be less persecutory in nature.  MONEY happens to be the issue. I went to an exclusive all girls’ school in Manila. The German nuns focused on learning and true Christian Catholic principles. All of my cousins attended private Catholic schools. None suffered any molestation, which is not to say that a few or some may have been victims. But by accusing a priest or a nun 40 yeas after the fact, something smells of tons of rotten money to me.

Compared to the majority of priests throughout the world who are killed, assassinated, mutilated, burnt, poisoned, dispossessed of their Churches, schools and forced to watch their pupils slaughtered, priests who speak out against Pornography and its use of children and babies; THOSE GUILTY OF CHILD ABUSE ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN.

 I know of one such priest Don Fortunato featured on the cover of Newsweek, a few years ago. His face was blacked out because of death threats, indeed, failed attempts on his life by those who produce pornographic films. Don Gallo, who is over 80 years old in Genoa, is another activist who fights against abuse and oppression not only of children but also on behalf of all Human Beings. He has survived numerous attacks and attempts on his life.

Pope Benedict XVI, our gentle but strong willed Pope will NEVER resign. His duty, as the Vicar of Jesus, as Peter's successor is to stay, fight and solve the lustful rot affecting some members of his Curia and his Church. We, if we are good Christians and Catholics should not expect him to resign but yo soldier on. That is what a Pope is about. He is the Vicar of Christ He will punish and throw the child abusers to the wolves in his own way. Some of you should stop behaving like Wahabis, or Evengelicals and Pentecostals.

I have had personal dealings with the Capuchin friar Gabriele Amorth, the exorcist/demonologist who has exorcized thousands of people, not all of them Roman Catholics, indeed, some did not believe in any God at all except Mammon and Marx. In the course of writing my book HEART OF DIAMONDS, He gave me a crucifix that I was to have with me at all times. I was to recite certain prayers to protect me from demons and other entities. Go ahead sneer, laugh and make fun of me, you will get nothing but compassion from me.

It should come as no surprise that demons inhabit certain parts of the Vatican. Demons dialogued with Jesus in the desert as he fasted and prayed. They offered him the world if he would but adore them and give them his soul in return.

"BEGONE!!!." declared Jesus in a loud voice.

Their goal is to corrupt, subvert, confuse and facilitate the temptations of those priests, Monsignors, Bishops and Cardinals who are not strong enough to withstand his blandishments.

Parents have a responsibility to warn their children against pedophiles or pederasts within their own families first and foremost. Studies show that it's not the stranger a child never saw until the day he was molested, but friends of the family, relatives, and Beware of your own Father if he makes advances that make you feel uncomfortable.

That demons are everywhere should not come as a surprise to us today. Demons are ever present in battlefields, in the Vatican, in the Houses of God - Churches, hospitals, in the homes of the rich and powerful and in the hovels of the poor and helpless.

Certain groups of people have embarked on an evil crusade against the Pope, Cardinal Bertone -  Secretary of State, and other leaders of the Vatican Curia. There is no doubt that the power of Satan is felt more keenly in periods of history where the sinfulness of the world is more evident. This is one such period.

Many people will remember that before the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, at the end of every Mass the faithful knelt to recite a prayer to Michael the Archangel. This is a very beautiful prayer and brings great benefits to all who pray it. Pope Benedict has recently brought it back into the Easter liturgy of the Church.

"Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protector against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

Today is the Passion of Jesus. On the site of THE SAGA OF FRAY PACO readers can relate to and empathize with the anguish and agony of Jesus on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

I wish you a Joyous Easter in your hearts, minds and souls. The world we live in is undergoing wicked transformations and it’s hidden and true Leaders are responsible.

May Jesus, His Mother, and His Angels protect our Holy Father from the evil that is threatening his Holy See.

Remember that those possessed by the devil are few, but the unhappy and tormented souls in the world are legion.

Science must stop when confronted with what cannot be explained or verified by known methods. I believe that every scientist and psychologist who is aware of his responsibilities knows that his or her tools go so far and no further.


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  1. A significant part of Christ's promise, "The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it (His Church)", is that it indicates NOT that the Church is defended against Hell, but rather that Hell cannot defend itself against the Church. The key word is the "GATES" of Hell. In other words, Hell is on the DEFENSIVE!

    And today, Holy Saturday, is the day of Christ's descent into Hell, breaking through the Gates of Hell and conquering Hell eternally.
    All that the legions of Hell have been able to do since then, have been to rage and fire some feeble parting-shots while in retreat from The World, during the relatively small margin of time of license left to them until Hell's connection to The World will finally end when Christ comes again.

    In other words, despite appearances, the Church is not on the defensive. The Church is already the victor, and what's going on now are mere "mopping up" operations after the war has already been won.


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