Friday, May 28, 2010

21st Century War

War reporting ... like war itself has gone hi-tech.

In WWI & II -  war correspondents told stories that were read over the radio, and the military made propaganda films.   Veterans tended to keep their experiences to themselves.  

Vietnam brought TV coverage of the war -- and for the first time, viewers at home got to see a real glimpse of what it was like to be at war, but still it was the professional war correspondents, and the government and studio censors that told the story.

Welcome to war in the 21st century -- where soldiers themselves make youtube.movies, and uploadable files, which they use to trade for pornography.  The more graphic and depraved the images - the higher the trading value and viewer appeal. Welcome to the world of war porn.

Soldiers have always had their own stories, wrote letters, kept diaries ... now it's all gone high-tech and on the internet ...  and the US government and the military seem content to allow it to happen - as long as they don't violate the Geneva convention and show photos of detainees or mutilated bodies.   Maybe this is the new meaning - don't ask, don't tell.

You have to wonder about the government's motive ... surely the enemy will see these videos and use it as motivations, just as our side uses enemy videos of beheaded soldiers to whip up anger and provide motivation ... these seems like such strategies ensure that terrorism and war will continue.   Wait ... that creates job security for guys in the military, supports our military-industrial complex and has to be good for the defense businesses, who hire the ex-military leaders when they retire.  It also seem to be good for recruitment.  

Maybe in the near future they will include free video cameras as part of the standard gear all soldiers will be getting in the future.

To learn more war porn - click here.

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  1. A SLIGHTLY realistic depiction of war, here:

    Fast forward to around 8:00, after which the bloody German sticks a knife into the heart of an American soldier in hand-to-hand combat, while the bloody German says "It's all FUBAR", an American acronym meaning "Fucked Up Beyond All Reason."

    As a native-born American, I curse all Germans who contributed to that stupid and evil war. It was not the fault of all Germans, but it WAS mainly the fault of the NSDAP and the majority of Germans who chose to follow them.

    But I also curse all Americans and British who contributed in part to making that stupid war happen in the first place.

    And I curse all Americans who, today, want to send more Americans to die in stupid foreign wars without knowing the first thing about war.


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