Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's becoming clear that China is on its way to total high-speed rail domination.  The country is building the world's largest network of high-speed rail and along with that ambitious plan, China has just debuted the world's fastest train.

The new 380A train, also called He Xie, can reach speeds up to 236 mph.  The train will start running in 2011 on a new Beijing to Shanghai track that is currently under construction.  When that line is completed, the 380A train will be able to make the trip in less than four hours.

China has agreed to purchase 100 of these super-fast trains from maker Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., meaning a good amount of their growing rail network (an impressive 16,000 miles of track will be added by 2020) will run the 380A.

Source:   Ecogeek

Note:    China is also in discussions to sell its trains to California.   In the 1800's -- Chinese coolies built the US rail network.  In the 21st Century -- American coolies will build a more modern Chinese railroad system in the US.  

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