Monday, November 22, 2010

Dogs Are sooo much fun

Here's a practical one-piece outfit for those typically rainy fall and winter days in Genova.  Note that the sleeve and leg length is just right -- excellent design.

Got to love the way she sticks her butt out there -- it's because she doesn't have a tail - so she shakes her booty instead.

Lida (our dog) feels like such a part of our family - she's frequently walks around the house on two legs - except when she goes outside.    However, because she's height challenged (and they don't make elevator shoes for dogs like the do for people) she insisted that this photo be taken on her favorite chair -- so she wouldn't appear so short.  What can I say - she's very sensitive.

By the way the hood automatically falls in place when she's on all fours -- and although you can't see it there's a hole at the back of the hood for the leash to come through.   Very well thought out.

As a special bonus -- check out this video about the hero dog.

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  1. What a cute little thing, rain coat and all. What about a swimsuit? Or sweater.. or simple jeans for garden work?



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