Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dogs - A Better Alternative to Full Body Scanners

Why does the FBI and US Military in Iraq and Afghanistan rely on bomb-sniffing dogs to protect themselves against the threat of bombers?    Because they work better!! than full body scanners.

Cost of a bomb-sniffing dog = $8,500
Cost of a full body scanner = $150,000

Which would you prefer -- walking by a trained dog ... or being groped / denuded by TSA agents?

There are better alternatives ... but guess what -- there's more money to be made selling scanners ... then dogs.

To see the Brasscheck video that tells the real story click here.

Ok ... let's say you are a cat person ... then check out the nano sniffer

The point is ... there are some excellent and available alternatives to being denuded, having your children fondled or being groped.

Spread the word.

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