Friday, November 26, 2010

A Touching Story - You Can Support

Author's Note:   After reading our last few blog entries - about the damage of government sanctioned  improper touching of children in airports in the name of national security ... here is a touching children's story that I am happy to support, which was sent to me by a friend and appeared in Anthony Morrison's blog.

"I have to say that I read a lot on the Internet every day. Sometimes when I am sitting here at the computer I have a few moments of what I like to call “free time” if that word really even exist in my world. Anyway with my so called free time I normally scan Yahoo! for the latest news for the day. I feel its appropriate for me to at least try to keep up with what’s going on in the world that I live in ya know?
Today, however, I was struck by something that really just spoke to me through the computer. I read an article titled “Little Boy’s Art Pays For …” and so naturally I clicked it to see what was this 5 year old little boys artwork paying for? and furthermore how was a 5 year old drawing art that was worthy of being sold?
What I saw when I clicked the link blew me away and really touched my heart. You can see the video here watch now. I met a little boy Aiden Reed who is only 5 years old and battling cancer. His family is struggling financially to keep up with the inflating medical cost to treat Aiden for his disease. I suppose the current state of our economy isn’t helping the situation for his parents either. So this story sounds at this point like many you have probably heard prior to reading this post. What I am about to tell you next, however, will be TOTALLY different from what you have ever seen.
Aiden loves all things “monster” or “scary” related and so he frequently draws pictures of little monsters. I think this “drawing” helps him escape the pain and situation he is currently living through. His aunt had a great idea…. sell Aiden’s artwork to help raise money for his medical care. To date they have sold almost 5,000 of this little 5 year old boys drawing @ only $12.00 each. What an amazing story? This kid is a 5 year old entrepreneur FOR A GOOD CAUSE and he’s talented too.
Here is my challenge to EVERY SINGLE PERSON READING MY BLOG. It’s almost Christmas and heck right now it’s Thanksgiving. It’s a time where we are all thankful for what blessings we have in our lives. Everyday I wake up I am thankful for my health that’s something this little boy simply can’t be thankful for right now. I, however, want to help him get to the point to where he wakes up on Thanksgiving day (maybe a year or so from now) and IS THANKFUL FOR HIS HEALTH. In order to do that we need to make sure this little boy has the money he needs to fight this cancer and beat it.
What greater gift can any of us give than the gift of hope? Hope of survival and a long life to a little boy only 5 years old but filled with so much talent. Isn’t that what this time of year is really about?
I know about 5,000 people will read this blog post each time I talk about it. I want each one of you to buy one of Aiden’s drawings for only $12.00. Here is the link for you to select the drawing you want – Aiden’s Drawings – Purchase Now.
I am willing to match the total of drawings purchased by the AM Live! Family here! That means if collectively you guys purchase 1000 drawings then ill go in and purchase 1,000 myself! Together our goal should be to at least buy 3,000 of these drawings for this little boy. We can’t change anything if we don’t take a first step. Step one is to provide his family with the money they need to treat his cancer. Step two is we let the doctors do their jobs and save this little boys life.
It’s worth every penny of $12. Go do it now and post back here once you have purchased so I can keep a tally. I make $0 off this… for those of you who would be so crazy as to even ask a question like that. I have never spoken to this kid or his family. I have just seen this story all over the Internet and together with all of you we can show people what power the Internet really can provide.
Let’s make a difference.
Read about his story on their blog – Click Here
Watch the ABC News video – 
Click Here
Now go purchase a drawing – Support Aiden Reed Now!
To double your donation -- go here first.

Author's Note:   While this story is touching at one level -- it is also quite frustrating at another - that our government supports the improper touching of children in airports ... but does not support good health alternatives that would reduce the suffering of countless children (and adults).  

Luckily, through the open exchange of information on the internet - you can learn about inexpensive and "better" alternatives to chemotherapy treatment for cancer - so that children (and adults) wouldn't have to suffer.  To learn more about AGS - and how effective it is in killing cancer cells, without side effects in less than 24 hours --- and other "medical miracles" click here (written by a cancer survivor I might add).   While the quality of the information on the internet (just like in print) can vary widely - I've followed the advice of HSI for years to my great benefit - and encourage you to seriously consider what they have to say -- also if good health is something you believe in -- also check out my husband's web site - especially regarding the amazing benefits of vitamin D.

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