Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lulu - The Diva

Meet Lu Lu, the ultimate in diva dogs. While most pampered pooches are happy to being carried around in a hand bag Hollywood-style, Lu Lu prefers to carry her own.

Forget the catwalk - it is all about the dog-walk. Lu Lu walks around on her hind legs, just like a human.

The one-year-old pup has taken to using just her two legs to walk, leaving her other two free to carry a handbag.

The miniature pinscher has won the hearts of locals in Zhumadian, in the Henan Province where she can often be seen walking upright.

But it is not clear why the pooch has begun to walk in such a way. 

Retired teacher Zhou Guanshun, who owns Lu Lu, said her unusual walk is part of her charm.

He said: 'We loved her instantly'.

Source:  Mail Online

Author's Note:    We have a female min-pin that we saved from scientific experimentation - the exact same color and mannerisms.   She too walks on her hind legs -- but for only short distances.   Love the purse though -- nice touch.

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