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March 15, 2012

The world will never see the likes of Julius Caesar again. I say that with absolute certainty. Alexander the Great, the Macedonian ( which was then part of Greece)  thus he was Greek; lived and conquered his way almost to the Indus River in India until his soldiers rebelled out of sickness, exhaustion and the tireless ferocity of the tribesmen they were fighting against.  The India I am referring to would be known as the Northwest territory -Afghanistan.

Few in history have made the transition from a military history to Statemanship and Politics as effortlessly and as successfully as Julius Caius Caesar. Another Emperor nearly a hundred a fifty years later, the Spanish Roman Emperoror/General/Philosopher - Marcus Aurelius would be formidable. He reconquered lands Caesar had taken. Not the same thing. The Emperor Hadrian would also be an extraordinary General, adding the entire British Isles once again. Caesar had conquered Britannia but after his death the islands pretty much fended for themselves.

Napoleon Bonaparte admired Caesar and endeavored to be like him. Times had changed. The rest of Europe did not want French hegemony. I still consider him a great General and his Napoleonic Code is extraordinary. Most of its laws still in use effectively in France.

I feel duty bound to pay homage to General Alexander Kutuzov who, not only led the Russian Army against Napoleon but prudently and wisely advised Czar Alexander ll on strategy and tactics in War and in Peace.

And then there is the greater than life Admiral Kolchak, who led the White Army against the Godless Bolshevik Marxists and was executed for his bravery and courage. His advancing armies in Ekaterinburg  was the excuse Stalin needed to issue the order to slaughter the entire Royal family of Czar Nicolas Romanov.    

The closest General in modern times to somewhat resemble Caesar is General Douglas MacArthur. Indeed, he is often called the American Caesar. If he had died a violent death, been assassinated, died in battle - he might well be Caesar's equal. But this glorious individual and General had to suffer the ignominy of being relieved of his post by a little tailor President, Harry Truman. The refrain"Old soldiers never die, they just fade away," fits him somewhat.

As Shogun of a defeated Japan, MacArthur "ruled" the country with respect and grace, displaying no revenge. My family and clan knew and loved him. Great Uncle General Basilio Valdes was his personal
physician and chief of staff regarding all things Philippine, his adopted country.

Today many Generals are not Warriors. They are panderers, killers of women and children, drug dealers, arms dealers, racketeers, entrepreneurs, rapists, and traffickers.

The true Warriors are the young men and women fighting those gangster Generals. Many of their names are, as yet unknown to us. The Cosmic Forces know who they are. They are Black Warriors, Arabs, Jews, Berbers, Moors and many of European descent just initiating their protests.  Perhaps these glorious YOUTH wish anonymity for the time being. perhaps it is a wise decision i share. But they are not alone.
Many parents, especially the MOTHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS will join them.

This Ides of March is portentous and tragic once more. Japan, the nation of the SAMURAI and the CODE OF BUSHIDO is once again suffering the effects of radiation. I would be interested in knowing who built the nuclear reactor. Westinghouse built one in Bataan, Philippines during the Marcos era at double its price. It was right on top of an extinct volcano and an earthquake fault. Vulcanologists now assure us that "There is no such thing as an extinct volcano." Vesuvius in Pompei and Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines is concrete proof of this.

Our prayers go out to Nippon even as we remember that an infamous Japanese General directed Unit 721 in Manchuria. It was a mass biological laboratory and hundreds of thousands of Chinese, an unknown number of American , Dutch, and English prisoners of war were used as guinea pigs.

Unit 721 had a sister laboratory on the island of Leyte, in the Philippines - Unit 723. Also a vast biological testing ground for bio-weapons, anthrax, small pox, influenza, bubonic plague, chemical and nerve gases. The General used Filipinos, Spanish and Americans for his vile testing.

 I shall write a separate and more detailed blog on this.

What happened to Units 721 and 723 with all their documentations and annotations? The Japanese General made a deal with General MacArthur and both units came to America secretly. (Elementary my dear readers)
The evil General died in his bed some twenty odd years later. NO! He was never prosecuted. Not a word leaked out to the Media or shall I say, the Media NEVER printed anything even remotely connected to Units 721 and 723 dealing exclusively in Bio-destruction of millions.

Was Hiroshima and Nagasaki KARMA? Many times it is the innocent who pay.


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  1. Dear Isabella (if I may call you that),

    Two comments on your Ides of March treatise above:

    1. It was not Stalin but Lenin (or as I understood it, the Urals Bolshevik unit) who actually gave the command to exterminate the Romanovs. I don't think Stalin was even a blip on the Bolshevik radar then.

    2. The nuclear plant in Bataan was built by GE-Westinghouse but the land, clearances, etc., were negotiated by Imelda's in-laws, Disini enterprises, who of course got a zillion-dollar kickback for helping get Malacanang's approval. The only consuelo de bobo to this folly is that its nuclear capability was never activated.

    We have crossed paths before on Toto's blog. I have never visited Genoa (which is where I think you are based? I always confuse Genoa with Geneva; as well as Monaco w/ Munich) :-)!

    Will have to check out the rest of your blog.

    Myles Garcia


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