Monday, March 28, 2011

New US Law Now Allows You Be Locked Up for Life - Even After Being Acquitted of a Crime

Ever wonder why the concentration camps were always outside of Germany?

Because within German borders, German citizens had some level of legal protection. Once they left German soil for the "camps" - voluntarily or involuntarily - that protection was gone.

Believe it or not, the Nazis broke no laws because the legal system they crafted did not provide rights to any German who was not living in Germany.

The original "off-shoring."

This legal strategy may help explain the "appeal" of Guantanamo to the latest generation of Nazis.

Now US "law" says that people the President deems threats to the nation can be kept in jail indefinitely even even after they are not found guilty of any crime.

Not even Hitler and friends had the audacity to pervert the concept of law to this level.

These legal arrangements may not seem significant now, but as in Germany, they are laying the foundation for potential tyranny of the worst kind.

Source:  Brasscheck TV

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