Monday, December 31, 2007


At first as a healthy cynic I told everyone who would listen, "Ron Paul does not have a Chinaman’s chance.”

In the nineteenth century the Chinese who worked and slaved in America were butchered, lynched, drawn and quartered for real or imagined crimes. More often than not they were simply hanged on the nearest tree. That is where the expression “Chinaman’s chance” came from. It meant that the unfortunate accused of whatever crime or wrongdoing had zero chance of dying in bed.

I thought that the sheeple of America and the world were too brainwashed, dumbed down, scared in their pants, and just plain ignorant to see the shining qualities of Ron Paul, the unassuming and avuncular Representative from the extraordinary state of Texas.

I say it here and now. I was wrong. Big time. The singular and unique individuals of every color, race, ethnicity, political belief and religion which inhabit that most unique of planets – the Internet initiated with an acorn and like the ancient descendant of our modern day squirrel created an avalanche which then caused another one and then another one.

Some respected journalists on the Internet are calling it the Ron Paul Revolution. Whether most of the world is aware of this phenomenon they soon will be. It is indeed a revolution, which begun entirely on the Internet. Scientists and electronic engineers as well as political savants will devote time and expertise to study the first Political Revolution outside of the mainstream Media. These media is so polluted, contaminated, corrupt, bought, and putrid that despite their snobbish, calumnious and defamatory statements regarding Ron Paul – the Internet crushed all their supercilious attempts at treating Paul as if he were a non-entity, a non-person, and a less than zero individual.

Ron Paul is important to the world. The hundreds of thousands of people, nay the millions who spontaneously expressed their feelings through their money were truly inspired by the exemplary life of this Tex Rep. Some of them instinctively and others discerningly understood that Ron Paul might be the last chance before Armageddon brought on by stupid and arrogant leaders. They may not agree with everything that he stands for but one thing is crystal clear. He has not flip flopped or wavered on substance since the day he entered the halls of the U. S. Congress 14 years ago. He has not been afraid to tell the public when he changed his mind on an issue or when he thought he made mistakes.

The Ron Paul Revolution, avalanche, tsunami proves once again that the downtrodden, the slaves and the oppressed need the support of the Intelligentsia. What is an Intellectual? Let’s keep it simple. An intellectual is one who uses his INTELLECT. Once the brains out of anywhere cry out “ Desist,” then the people will follow. It’s as if an invisible fire thread is dragging them along. The thread grows into gazillions of fireballs, which cannot be extinguished.

Nota Bene that Ron Paul has a very long way to go. His adversaries, the many cabals he opposes have billions in which to use for propaganda, and more importantly for assassins. Wave after wave of assassins will be placed across his path. There is something that might surely give the cabals pause to reflect and reason. There comes a moment in a human being’s life when he yells (I reiterate) “Enough! Desist! Kill me but I will no longer allow you to lie and enslave me.”

“Assassinations never changed the course of history,” declared Benjamin Disraeli, one of the greatest of British Prime Ministers.

It has been said or rumored that certain powerful beings would like to reduce the world’s population to 500 million beings. I doubt this. I ask you to just ruminate on this a little. Who would do the backbreaking work to keep the billions in the coffers of the cabals? Mines have to be mined, land cultivated, crops harvested, fish farms looked after, factories run 24/7, and most importantly wars have to be fought. Who will do all that if most of the planet is reduced to piles of corpses to rival the height of the pyramids?

I pray that Ron Paul might win the GOP nomination. Is it too much to ask of the cosmic forces? Of the Creator? Of Jesus himself?

Last night I had a strange dream, I often have them. They are more akin to nightmares except that as I dream them I am aware that I am not in any danger. I am just a silent and inactive witness. Four horsemen were galloping throughout the continents, they rode on top of a round globe, and much like the one we have atop a desk. They wore the black sombrero Cordobes, the classical hat worn by the nobility and landed gentry of Andalusia. All were attired identically. Try as I would, I never caught a glimpse of their faces. Keep in mind that in Chinese the word four is bad, bad joss. The word for Sai- four is identical to another word pronounced with a different intonation, Sai- death.

These were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as I perceived them.

One horseman rode through land, which was devoid of any vegetation. His horse trampled over skeletons and corpses strewn all over the wasteland. I interpreted him as Death. The second horseman rode atop a missile and then jumped in the air onto a series of bombs. That could only be War. The third flew over vast lands where food was plentiful but all contaminated. The people were all dying of starvation. I saw the deformed and distended bodies that only long spells of hunger and thirst creates. The horseman of Famine rode roughshod over the dying. He did not even cast a glance. It was the fourth horseman that alarmed me the most.. I saw laboratories with men in white spacesuits using robotic arms to move what appeared to be invisible creatures in glass jars. The men kept chanting Sai, Sai, Sai, and Sai. Pestilence and Plague. That’s when I woke up and sat up in a bolt.

In an ever-increasing globalist world we are all linked and in some ways chained together. What happens in the elections of 2008 in the United States is surely bound to affect the rest of the planet. I, for one remain a cynic and/or a skeptic. It will be almost insurmountable obstacle for Ron Paul to gain the nomination. But, the unthinkable has been known to happen. So I nurture a profound and unshakeable hope despite the cynicism tugging at my heart.

Tonight a few minutes before midnight, while my neighbors in the surrounding villas will begin exploding firecrackers and the port of Genoa initiates a gorgeous fireworks display, my husband and I will kneel down in my beautiful garden. Then, flanked in all directions by blooming camellias, roses and azaleas we will turn our gaze upwards in the direction of the Aries constellation, because I was born in April. During the Millennium celebrations in London, my children gifted me with a madcap present. They spent a small fortune at NASA and had a star named after me in the Aries constellation. Now I feel a certain kinship with my star, since we are all pieces of the Universe.

We are not unhealthy materialists. Our prayers just before midnight will be humble ones. We will address the Great Architect of the Universe, the Lord of Light, and the Forces of Life in the Cosmos, the Avatar Meher Baba, The Omnipotent God and our Savior Jesus. We will humbly ask for blessings to all our loved ones and perhaps even to our enemies. We shall dare to pray for Ron Paul’s victory over the dark forces. We must never underestimate prayer. Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jain, Bahai, Pagan and Agnostic. All are one in God’s creation.

I wish you a serene 2008, full of contentment and peace in your hearts. May God bless all of us Amen.

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  1. The international interest in Ron Paul is something of a curiosity. I suppose it may be because the USA is like a fat man in a lifeboat ... every time he shifts, the rest of the passengers have to shift, also. Ron Paul, uniquely among all the candidates, promises to end military adventurism and opposes the globlisation that sees the rest of the world as no more than a collection of producers and consumers. This would make the boat ride more pleasant and safer for all.

    I'm afraid Ron Paul exposes the lie that the USA is a democratic nation. All his money and support comes from the people, the demos, while the other candidates are gifted with hundreds of millions of dollars, mostly from special interests. This includes the opposition, the soi-disant "Democrat" party.

    He is a nuisance among the Republicans, since he calls attention to their single-minded pursuit for new nations to bomb and invade. The "conservative" blogs refer to him as the "crazy uncle", as though everyone else were sane and normal.

    He may have had a chance in a European style multi-party system, but the two American parties, with the help of the media, will keep him marginalized.


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