Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dancing Cockatoo

For those readers that have enjoyed  "The Saga of Fray Paco", I think you will like this dancing Cockatoo. Sadly, the cockatoo is not the brilliant, quick-witted highly intelligent species which Fray Paco belonged to. That species from the island of Nias in Sumatra has tragically become extinct. Fray Paco's dancing was more softly undulating because Uncle Matthias chose the music properly. One of his favorites was Singing In The Rain, as was Tuxedo Junction by the Glenn Miller Band.His "bestest" as he called it was Rum and Coca-Cola, a Calypso made famous by three Divas and Singers - the Andrew Sisters in the 1950's.

The song is risque and full of naughty double entendre. Here is just one stanza.

Rum and Coca-Cola,
Go to Point Two Man-a.
Both mothah and daughta,
workin for de Yankee dollah..

Following a brief advertisement in Italian ... the video should kick in.

It's delightful.


  1. I first heard that song on the Doctor Demento radio show in 1976, and haven't heard it since. This reminder prompted me to find it on youtube:

    (Cut and paste that link and it'll work)

    The Andrews Sisters make several appearances as cartoon characters in this arch-funny 1985 cartoon, "Get A Job". It had special poignance for many frustrated, responsible Americans with a good work ethic but no opportunities, in the middle of the Reagan years when the social contract was being turned into toilet paper. It's probably even more relevant today:


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