Saturday, August 23, 2008

You Need to See This

Author's Note:

Faryl Smith clearly touched the audience to their very essence. The panel was moved beyond belief and speech. I haven't seen these kind of spontaneous reaction to an artist and a singer since Maria Callas. She is not only unique, she blessed us with a voice not marred by cigarettes, sex, abuse, and drugs.

This is a twelve year old girl who dresses and acts as a twelve year old should. No vulgar tarty singing attempting to imitate a slutty singer. She stood there with dignity and sang like an angel.

In these days when girls younger than this contralto-soprano are taking vaccines against herpes,infecting their peers with syphilis, clamydia, gonnorhea and other disgusting sexually transmitted diseases, we give thanks for someoe such as Faryl Smith.

In addition, I very much doubt if she is getting sloshed, stoned, coked, and conked out on ecstasy and other speed venom. It is a joy to see a pre-teen who is so disciplined, focused and devoted to her art and to her music that she has no time for drugs and/or condoms.

Faryl Smith you are a wonderful revelation. Not all of our youth are throw-away trash. Not all are losers, although plenty exist.

Thank you for the beauty and for the ethereal magic.

Thank you Jeanne Rejaunier for sending this to me.

I say to all my readers '' Experience the Ave Maria'' as sang by this 12 year old girl. It will touch you in a positive way. Such is the stuff of God and His angels.

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  1. Not to mention that she'll probably never get a tattoo like so many bloody stupid American women are doing now.


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