Monday, September 15, 2008


Barack Obama's name is Arabic. As with all Arabic names it is associated with the Creator, The One True God - Allah. It means God's blessing, God's fortune, God's protection and God's benevolence.

I am disappointed that he did not have the balls to remain a Muslim. A good Muslim. Instead he chose to join one of those fiery and trendy Christian Chrurches. That was his choice. We can only say Amen.

I am going on record to declare that I did not find his Pastor particularly virulent, malicious, or even remotely anti-white, whatever the devil that means nowadays. Indeed, many of his utterances as well as his grievances contain more than a grain of truth, much much more.

Adnan Khashoggi used to own a sumptuous Villa called Baraka. I find AK ( Adnan ) a most delicious personality. Yet Villa Baraka was anything but God's blessing. It reminded me more of Salacious Sugar Daddyo Hugh Hefner's pad. Never mind. As AK aged and found he had hypertension and diabetes, he became more religious and thus Villa Baraka was sold. It's new owners hastily renamed it.

Dahlings! I mean Mosques, Churches, Temples may be called Baraka or its equivalent in Farsi, Hindi, English, Italian and so on. But Villas where all sorts of lascivious and lurid things take place is a definite No-No.

Back to Obama. So he has been given a blessed name, but I don't know if he is truly blessed in the deepest sense of the word.

Perhaps running for President under the banner of the Democratic Party might prove to be a curse. Time will tell. Time is always our great ally in all things politic. It never fails to reveal to those discerning enough to pierce through the frou-frou of the bright or the dark star under which a so - called political Leader will lead ( if he can ) or govern ( if those Powers calling the shots allow him to be his own man in some way).

All these statements are in the assumption that he will be elected. I fear he will not. Why? Because the Master Manipulators of the sheeple and the out of sight Pay Masters will ensure that he is not elected.

The people of America are between Scylla and Charybdis to put it poetically, as Homer did in Odysseus's Odyssey. In plain English, they are between jagged rocks and thorny places as far as this particular election is concerned.

I might even venture to say that rigged elections are as old as History and Beyond.

He has come a long way Baby. His advisors are fearsome figures as Advisors need to be. He is a likeable enough politico with just enough charisma to get the ball rolling but can he score? I don't know. I doubt if anyone in their lucid mind knows either.

The one thing that truly concerns me is the Silence from Madiba - Nelson Mandela. There are a thousand and one ways in which Madiba could speak out even without opening his mouth and making statements.

We saw and heard his younger brother in Kenya who is living on the fringes of society if not the law tell us that he, as most Kenyans is poor and living on an American dollar a day. Lucky he! There are those unfortunate enough to work in the diamond and tantalum mines of the Congo. They must feed themselves and their families on less than that.

Africans are Masters of gestures. Madiba knows all about it. Instead the Void and the Silence engulfs Obama. The drums are ominously silence. That is telling us a great deal.

We should listen.


  1. Thanks for an unusual perspective, Isabel. Very interesting essay on Obama. Do you have any theories on why the silence?

    Another "Baraka" was the erstwhile New Jersey poet laureate and playwright LeRoi Jones, who changed his name to Amiri Baraka.


  2. Amiri Baraka is, in my estimation, America's greatest living poet. Here's his website:

    I'd vote for Amiri Baraka long before I'd ever vote for that cartoon character, Obama, who insults my intelligence every time he opens his mouth.

  3. I find it odd that so many people today feed on criticism and negativity. More people offer opinions of hatred then love, people can only watch someone who shows no emotion for so long.

    The irony of this is that most young people love Obama like myself, we listen to rap music, we watch Dark Knight. We're in the trenches fighting the wars for the older generation.

    Looking at the numbers are more soldiers being killed today between the ages of 18 and 30, are there more young black males between 18 and 30 in jail.

    What generation is allowed to run the world. are people wiser when the reach 40 or are they more naive. People need to fear people who have nothing to lose. The generation X, people my age 27, Cobain died at 27, Morrison died at 27, Hendrix died at 27, Tupac died at 25, Heath Ledger died at 28. These are the fallen soldiers of our age.

    I find myself thinking, what would these soldiers think of the world today and the choices we have. Their deaths remind me that at my age, my generation is still alive we can make a difference. Maybe we don't have the numbers, but we aren't our grandparents fighting world war 2 booming babies, we have to do with the numbers we have.

    But if anyone doubts the injustices that our parents want us to forgive for when we have the ability so save them from not having health insurance, getting kicked out of their homes. We're going to be the ones who have the choice to bring them their favorite food, you think we're going to fail to ask our parents generation why the fucked us.

    Or should we just conform and teach the infamous sayings :There's no free Lunch" instead we have our saying that says "There's always a free lunch as long as you're fearless in your approach to get it." So that is why I am voting republican, I want to kill everyone, everywhere, I believe aliens, I want to fuck them in every way I can. People fucking people, people killing people and people fucking the people they just killed is ancients, we need new tactics.

    I can't wait to overpower our parents generation, drive them into the hospital, kick them out of their homes, feed them apple sauce and learn from them. And that is Generation before Class, Class before country and country before Humanity. So I gotta drink up and masterbate to an alien and go back to listening to Mumia Jamal, because hey, I'm optimistic. And that's why Obama will win.


Isabel Van Fechtmann

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