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"Man I was stoned on acid... stoned on acid. The blonde bitch kept begging and pleading, begging and pleading."

"Let my baby live."

"I just got tired of hearing all this - so I stabbed her," declared the monstrous murderess coldly. She showed no remorse and said so." They all had to die. I had no mercy on her. That's that," she added with a finality that frosted the air in the courtroom. Some people shivered.

The young and beautiful blonde woman was carrying a child. She was 8 and a half months pregnant. If she had gone into labor then and there her child would have lived. Sharon Tate was a promising actress, she had talent and possessed a loving nature. Her husband, the gifted director and screen writer, Roman Polanski counted his blessings for the first time since he had walked out of the Polish ghetto and the stench of death and destruction.. A propitious beginning with Sharon and a new life with a new baby. Perhaps he could now find the peace and serenity that had so eluded him.

The Manipulator of the killers, Charles Manson was a small man, 5 foot and 1 inches tall, if that. He was not present at the murders. He was miles away. He never denied ordering the slaughter. He wanted the whole world to recognize his great powers. Death from a long distance.

Susan Atkins, the young 21 year old woman stuffed to her gills with acid(LSD) held down a bound and tied ( with heavy rope) Sharon Tate and stabbed her at least 18 times.

"I don't remember how many times I stabbed her. I mean, I kinda lost count."

She didn't care if Sharon Tate was dying, she dipped her fingers into the pools of blood that flowed from all directions of her body and wrote on the back of her bedroom door"Pig."

Susan Atkins died of brain cancer in the prison hospital at Chowchilla, California a few days ago. Her requests for parole had been refused 13 times, and rightfully so. She appeared before the Parole Board in a gurney, 80% of her body was paralyzed. She was barely able to speak. She was dying and she knew it. Everyone in the room including members of the Parole Board and relatives of Sharon Tate and the other victims knew it as well.

"No," said all the members of the Parole Board.

Debra Tate, Sharon's sister stated " I shall pray for her. My family have forgiven her and the others." The Tates are devout Catholics.

She continued" My sister's son would have been forty years old today had he lived. For that reason and because I believe that Miss Atkins and the other killers are all psychotics, I am in favor of her remaining in the prison hospital."

When Susan Atkins died two days ago, I too found myself reciting the rosary for the repose of her soul. I prayed as well that her repentance was genuine else her Karmic consequences in the other plane would be to horrific to contemplate.

The murder of Sharon Tate touched me particularly for several reasons. I was in an advanced state of pregnancy in August. Indeed, my son Marc' Aurelio ( Marco) was born several weeks early on the 10th of August 1969. Sharon and Roman's son died on the 9th. while I was undergoing a Caesarian section in Villa Margherita, a clinic in Rome.

In Madrid, around 1967, a dear friend of my great- Aunt Nini Montiam; David Henry, a producer in London, ( yes, that was the jet set) introduced me to a shy, moody and quite unattractive young man with a bright/dark intellect -Roman Polanski. He was a polyglot. In my circle that was and is almost a genetic requirement. Most of my relatives and friends spoke at the very least three or four languages. That still applies today.

Polanski had just finished a powerful and brilliant Jungian motion picture"Compulsion" starring Catherine Deneuve. That film remains a cult classic today as well it should. It is one of his masterpieces.

As soon as he caught sight of my grand piano, he sat down and played a few notes. The position of his hands and the way he sank his fingers into the keys led me to say"You're a pianist."

"A manque pianist." he replied. And then he stood up abruptly and said" Not worth talking about."

I would remember this when I watched another one of his masterpieces"The Pianist," almost 35 years later.

I spent my pregnancy in Rome, although in my early stages I went to Paris. While in Paris a group of us, all Polanski acquaintances and fans ( it was difficult to be his friend, he did not allow anyone to get that close,except Sharon Tate) decided to see his latest work"Rosemary's Baby" in English, because that is how the film was shot. I should not have seen the film at that particular time. I cried, became sick to my stomach and vomited my heart out. I felt guilty because I knew that my baby must have been sick too and reproached myself for this thoughtless act.

The film was beautiful but frightening to reflect upon because it could all have been true. Many of the world's leaders and entrepreneurs are Satanists and Luciferians. That was Polanski's message. They have sold their souls to the Prince of Lies for Power and Lucre. What terrorized me more was the fact that I might have known some of them quite well and was unaware of their true allegiance.

"Listen, ma belle, we won't tell Polanski you got sick. You know how ultra sensitive he is,'' suggested Alex Valdes, head of the William Morris Agency in Paris. So, I never did.

After the murders of his wife and unborn son in Cielo Drive in Bel Air, California, most of us did not send condolences. We knew he would never read them because he could not bear to be stabbed with yet more pain each and every time he read a card, a message or a letter. What could we say that could possibly alleviate the suffering of one who has lost his most loved ones to murder most foul? Especially one who had experienced all the imaginable and unimaginable horrors of war? He never talked about any of it. That's how we knew it had seared him so. For the rest of his life he would have to deal with his sorrow. It would never abate and it would never leave him. He would learn to live with them in his heart of hearts, what Carl Gustav Jung calls " The inner life."

I have always considered Charles Manson, the so called Mastermind of the Tate murders where 6 people died a horrible death, and the Lo Bianca and Gary Hinman murders, a completely insignificant individual endowed with zero charisma and influence. Psychotic ? Yes. A Sociopath? Surely. But one capable of sending educated young men and women to slaughter the innocent based solely on his will and high doses of acid? That really taxes my credibility. I know many others who are not convinced either.

Is it possible that Manson as well as Susan Atkins and the other murderers were all a witting or an unwitting part of the CIA's mind control program known as MKUltra?

In those days there was no way in hell you could obtain acid without the permission of Military Intelligence, working side by side with the CIA and complicit Doctors, Psychologists, Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists. And then they experimented the Lysergic Acid( LSD) on hundreds if not thousands of men and women. Why do I think that Manson was a willing participant? He was a short, frustrated and colorless man with ambitions totally out of proportion to his meager abilities. He had dark, piercing eyes - a good set-up for play acting as a Master in league with satanic forces.. He was supposedly a good composer. What do the journalists mean by good. Miles Davis good? Charlie Parker good? Or just little ditty Beach boy good? Yes. He worked with the Beach Boys for a while. He may also have done some work with Jaco Pastorius. If so, what a tragic waste of a life.

Susan Atkins became a so- called Christian in prison. I tremble at that word today. Some sort of wacko, silly nilly born again stuff? So many murderers, criminals and drug dealers supposedly find Jesus in prison. That is purported to be the IN thing to do in prison. Even Charles Manson claims to have found God. I have no doubt that some of those serving time in prison repent and if they are allowed the privilege of parole, really attempt to lead a positive and responsible life. But recidivist rates are very high. Get real.. It is easier to be a criminal than to be an honest man. In many parts of the world, including the United States, the cards are stacked against you from the moment you are born.

It smells like the Manchurian Candidate to me. Thousands of them. Only the Perps were not North Koreans. For the most part Americans and English Military and Intelligence Services launched, controlled and monitored these MKUltra programs. I'm sure a few Italians, French and Germans participated as well.The SS and SD under Reinhard Heydrich had successfully used various mind control drugs on spies and individuals they considered interesting or important enough to interrogate "softly."

It's one thing to use the stuff under medical supervision on spies or professionals. The goal of Heydrich was to obtain the CORRECT Intel not to break the man's spirit or split his personality or turn him into a dissociative being. Useless to the SS and to himself.

It is another matter to unleash mind control drugs over hundreds of thousands of students, hippies, activists, rock singers, musicians and ordinary people; just to see their reactions as their minds slowly shatter and they are commanded to commit the most vile crimes on their fellow men. All in the name of fighting a purposely created and mutually beneficial Cold War.


  1. "Many of the world's leaders and entrepreneurs are Satanists and Luciferians....They have sold their souls to the Prince of Lies for Power and Lucre."

    That would certainly include most of America's "Family Court" judges and divorce lawyers.

  2. Buon giorno, Isabella,

    I found your fascinating essay particularly poignant because I knew both Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski's first wife, Barbara Lass quite well. I knew Barbara in Rome when she was acting in the Rene Clair film "Che Gioia Vivere" and was the amica of director Gillo Pontecorvo. As for Sharon, our friendship took place a few years later in California, where she and I were under contract to the same studio/producer, Filmways' Martin Ransohoff. Marty sent both Sharon and me to study with body movement teacher Jacobina Caro and acting coach Jeff Corey. Sharon was 20 years old, just recently arrived in town, living in a tiny room at the Hollywood Studio Club. Since she had no car, I used to pick her up for our mutual appointments. Often she would invite me upstairs to her small quarters, where she would show me photos of and talk about her family, her parents and two sisters and the time they had lived in Italy, where her father was posted by the armed services. She was one of the sweetest and loveliest persons you would ever want to know, thoroughly unspoiled and as yet unwise to the ways of the world. I was in Chicago on a book tour, promoting my novel THE BEAUTY TRAP, when the news came over the tv about the horrible murders.

  3. JAR/Jeanne,

    That's marginally interesting, that you personally knew Sharon Tate and Barbara Lass.

    But what's your point, other than the fact that you knew them personally?

  4. PS, I mean, I've known people who have been murdered, too. I've known some NON-famous people who have been murdered. So what's your point?

  5. Hi, John,

    Sorry if you didn't react favorably to my thoughts on Sharon and Barbara (the latter who incidentally also knew Charlie Fawcett in Rome). As I said in my first post above, Isabel's fascinating article, centering a good deal on Susan Atkins, the Manson murders and Roman Polanski, evoked memories of my friendships with Polanski's first and second wives, Sharon Tate and Barbara Lass. Like yourself, I too have known murdered non-celebrities, and in fact, knew two other celebrities who were murdered (Sal Mineo and Bob Crane); Isabel's article did not pertain to any of these individuals, but to the two lovely women I wrote about.

  6. Jeanne,

    Yeah well that makes sense, thanks. I didn't mean to sound churlish, but I have a visceral reaction against regarding celebrities as "special" just because they're celebrities.

    But as you've said, for YOU the lives of Sharon Tate and Barbara Lass are PERSONAL matters, so I get it now.


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