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Is Roman Polanski a Pederast or a Pedophile? Is he one who likes to have consensual sex with adolescents or children? Would he force himself on an adolescent or an under-aged teen? That would be rape. I suspect that is what the much maligned and criticized Whoopi Goldberg was attempting to say but was unable to express it articulately.

"There's rape and then there's rape-rape," said she.

I don't think Roman Polanski is a pedophile or a pederast. But...and this is an important but.. by his own admission, he likes sex with young girls. How young? That is a wide spectrum. It could mean anything from a 13 year old who looks and acts like a 20 year old, or it could be a 17 year old virginal girl who seems pure and pristine but in fact has wanked more men, including male relatives, even her own father.

Our so called western world is full of young girls who are active sexually since the age of 11 or 12. They could teach many a thirty or forty year old about sexual techniques. They could, if so inclined ruin men by virtue of their young age , even if they entrapped the men. Certain states in the United States consider a girl of legal age at 13. Others, such as California do not.

Honore de Balzac, the famed journalist in the Dreyfuss Affair and his immortal "J'Accuse" as editor of the French liberal newspaper L'Aurore; wrote a marvelous and still shocking book"Nana" about a young jeune fille du monde - a prostitute who began her career at age 12. She became fabulously wealthy, her jewels filled her bathtub to the brim. Her lovers committed suicide after her cruel rejections, which usually occurred after she had picked them clean. She often entrapped father and sons, with a rich cousin or two thrown in. Nana gave herself to artists for the love of Art. Usually, such sexual ardor produced the most sensuous paintings of her. Nana always posed in the nude. When she died of af smallpox she was a few months short of turning 20.

There are questions I would like to ask my reading public as well as my friends, acquaintances, and in particular, lawyers, prosecuting and defense attorneys. I am not a lawyer. I am told I should have become one but I had a low opinion of most of them since childhood. My family and clan as well as other powerful clans in other countries had attorneys and magistrates/judges for breakfast. They bought and sold them with ease. Few were immune to the blandishments of Lucre. Whores? You bloody well bet they had all the elements of whores- of the worst sort.

Those of both sexes, who sell their bodies are up front about the transactions. It's a cut and dried deal. So much for fellatio, so much for an hour of horizontal penetration, cunnilingus, sodomy etc. The whores certainly do not pretend they have scruples. If anything it is their Johns( clients ) who are consumed by guilt and shame.

Samantha, Roman's statutory rape victim was 13 years old at the time that the rape took place. A plea bargain was made. Thirteen year olds are ADOLESCENTS. Did she ever say to the court that she had led Polanski to believe that she was 18 years old or older? Did he ask her for her age? Perhaps he did not want to know and at a certain point did not care. We just don't know.

Angelica Huston who had a relationship with Jack Nicholson in whose house the rape took place was in the house. Actually , according to the court transcripts I read, she was close to Roman's room.

Wow! a famous movie director would like to take photographs of my 13 year old daughter? Where? How? Why? What does he have in mind? Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a talk with this famous director. The mother's role in this awful occurrence has always remained murky. There is no doubt that she had the AUTORITAS and the GRAVITAS to deny such a strange request. Why did she not? Did her daughter run away? Was she a witting partner to this sexual game? Could she herself have been vicariously interested in a movie career for her daughter? Sh would not have been the first nor the last. Hollywood Babylon is litterred with such mothers. Could she herself have had sexual relations with Polanski or Nicholson at some point? If so, when? Before her daughter's spurious rape by Polanski?

When I was 14 years old, one of the world's greatest classic photographer and writer of photography books, William Mortensen asked to take a series of facial and mid-body shots of me. He was doing a book on the emotions of women, young and old as shown through the all seeing eye of his camera. We went to his studio in Laguna Beach, California. Mortensen agreed to a written declaration that all the photographs chosen for publication had to be signed by my parents for release, since I was a minor. Indeed, none of the photos could be shown in galleries, exhibits,and lectures without their consent.

"That will wreck havoc with my schedule," he declared coldly.

"Well then, why don't you wait until she's 18?"retorted my Mother almost haughtily.

My mother calmed down when she saw the beauty of his works and studied as many of his books as she could. During the photo shoots, the door to his studio was left open. My mother sat like a basilisk just outside the door, accompanied by various friends.

It was reckless of Polanski to give a 13 year old asthmatic Quualudes and Champagne. Perhaps he thought she was being coquettish. Some girls behave like that. Was he malicious and selfish and hell bent on a self-destructive sexual trip? Certainly.

Was he "All there?" One must ask this question. I would say, perhaps not. Was he ever in one solid piece? Even before the tragic murder of his wife and unborn son he carried a great deal of desolate history. Most of us do. Karma and Dharma can do that t0 you. How many of us are in a position to answer unequivocally that if placed in the same state of mind and circumstances we would walk away?

I would not put my hand in the fire for some of my male friends.

Where was the host, Jack Nicholson?

"Out of the house," said the transcripts. So where indeed was he? Was an attempt ever made to check out his statement and/or alibi?

I'll grant you, we are dealing with the Los Angeles or was it the Beverly Hills Police? It doesn't make a drop of difference. I take it back. Beverly Hills Police are more costly to buy and convince.

What of Samantha? Practically every adolescent girl and boy in Los Angeles or in its proximity wishes to be a "Movie Star." Not an actress or an actor. There is a world of difference. Stars are not necessarily even passable actors. While actors by their bravura and charisma can sometimes turn into stars.

Has she received a settlement for the "bodily harm and mental anguish" caused by Polanski's thinking with his penis? Who is in a position to say? Will we ever know? Should we know?

The most important question here is: Why is it that after 30 plus years has the Los Angeles Justice system suddenly turned into an unrelenting Torquemada? It smells Vendetta to me.Polanski has been excoriated for his sublime motion picture "The Pianist."

Watch it again with close attention to the details. The pianist is helped mostly by Catholic Polish friends, some of whom are friends of friends and thus strangers. They hide him, medicate his severe pneumonia, feed him and risk their lives for him - a Jew.

The Warsaw ghetto uprising was mostly a Catholic fight to the death with the Nazi oppressors. It's true that several groups of organized Zionist underground fighters joined in the rebellion. In the main, the participants and those who paid with their lives happened to be Polish Catholics.

The SS officer who befriends him and becomes enthralled with the way he wrings passion and beauty out of the piano is also out of the ordinary. Not all SS or Gestapo behaved like monsters.

In one of the last scenes of the film the pianist discovers that his savior has been taken away to a Russian gulag and there is nothing he can do about it.

I do not think that Roman portrays Germans, nor has he ever portrayed them as brutal and bloodthirsty devils. If anything the film is too objective for some Zionists. I have been told by Israeli diplomats that many discovered an almost forgiving Polanski not the vengeful man they wished for all time.

What will happen now is a huge unknown. Please take note that I am not denying Polanski's culpability. He himself has admitted to statutory rape. So why does he not go back to America? Would any of you under the present circumstances? Especially if you knew someone or a group of individuals were gunning for your blood - literally.

To quote Gore Vidal, whom I love dearly, apart from his erudition and ever sharp tongue." America is no longer a Republic. It is become an insidious form of Tyranny."

Next: The history, mores, practices of Pederasty from ancient times to the present.


  1. There will probably always remain a series of unknowns in this three decades old case, besides which, memory tends to cajole and deceive after many years have passed, so how can one ever know the real story? We may consult court records, which may give some idea of what actually took place. Although I haven't read these records, I have heard that the girl's testimony is chilling and sad, that she repeatedly wept and begged "no," over and over to no avail, despite the fact that "no" is supposed to mean no. Worth noting also is the fact that children under the age of 18 do not have fully developed adult bodies, so that when sodomized, they can suffer serious physical damage that endures a lifetime (apart from the emotional toll). The victim, now in her 40's, would prefer the case to go away, which would seem to indicate that either time has eased the horror of her memories, or indeed she was paid off.

  2. Q: What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 80?

    A: "Your Honor."

  3. Q: What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 160?

    A: Saint Thomas More, murdered by the state because he respected the Rule of Law more than he respected raw power.

    Isabel, I entirely understand why you hold lawyers in such low esteem. But to be "a lawyer" is not necessarily the same thing as defending the Rule of Law as St Thomas More did.

    The tyrant King Henry the Eighth stood for raw power. His victim, St Thomas More, stood for the Law.

    I prefer the Rule of Law over the Rule of the Sword. And those two things are not at all the same.

  4. And on that note, my favourite scene from "A Man For All Seasons", where Thomas More says, "I'd give the Devil benefit of Law FOR MY OWN SAFETY'S SAKE!"

    Polanski is not a devil; yet neither is he anyone "special" who is above the law. As I said in my prior comment, render Polanski's crimes to the Law, but render Polanski's soul to God, and don't confuse those two very different things.

  5. And here's one more of my favourite scenes from "A Man For All Seasons", depicting a historically true scene of when Saint Thomas More refused a bribe, because of his respect for the Rule of Law which he personified in his vocation:

  6. And while I'm at it, my Dear Isabel, here is the trial of St Thomas More, based word for word on transcripts of his trial.

    It's in three parts, but the total time is around 15 minutes, quite worth your time, and worth the time of anyone else who views it and thinks about it:




    Saint Thomas More, the patron Saint of my vocation of Law, pray for me and for all Lawyers.


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