Thursday, October 22, 2009


It has not been an easy endeavor to write about an individual one has known such as Roman Polanski. I might add, in a positive way notwithstanding the dark and light forces I then perceived tormented him.

I too, had and still do contend with demons, particularly when I allow them to assail me. Thankfully, I have more pieces of the sun and thus, the Light inside me is a potent force to contend with. I am able to summon my angels to enlighten, protect, and defend me if necessary. Constant prayers to Jesus, my Guardian Angel Metatron, and the Archangels Mikayel and Rafayel are of precious assistance.

As you, dear readers may have noticed I have ruminated, meditated and pondered for several weeks before setting down my thoughts, insights and opinions to this blog in reference to dear, gifted and flawed Roman Polanski.

This is not a judgement. Who am I to judge? Who is anyone? What makes the judges and the prosecuting attorneys such enlightened individuals that they can make statements and JUDGE?

If you have not read Somerset Maugham's story " Sadie Thompson," I suggest you do. It reveals a great deal about the so called Pastors, Prosecutors and Persecutors of this world.

Contessa Isabella von Vacani


  1. Well said. But please remember, judgments of law and judgments of morality are two entirely different things, as was demonstrated perfectly in Christ's trial before Pontius Pilate.

    The Law MUST "judge", however imperfectly; the alternative is anarchy.

    Thus, to paraphrase what Christ said about Caesar: "Render Roman Polanski's crimes to the Courts of Law, but render Roman Polanski's soul to God."

  2. Buon giorno, Isabella,

    Here's a link to an interesting 8 page article about the Polanski situation, appearing in the L.A. Times. Other side articles are worth reading as well.




    Sorry - forgot to give the link!



    Sorry - forgot to give the link!



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