Monday, November 30, 2009


(colors added by the author)

Our Lady, The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary or, as she is known in Aramaic Maryam
receives the news from the Archangel of the Heavens, Gabriel the Messenger, that
she has conceived a son and will be delivered of a virgin birth.

To believers and non-believers this may be hard if not impossible to consider. To me,

since scientists still have not been able to discover what a common cold is, how to

define electricity and gravity and just what makes up a black hole; to believe or

disbelieve the Annunciation of the Immaculate Conception is unimportant because it

does not in any way detract from the Incomparable figure of Jesus, his Life, teachings,

his Crucifixion, and Resurrection/Transfiguration.

The Annunciation deals with the forthcoming birth of a baby who would die crucified

to redeem his fellow man: past, present and future.

We are in the period of Advent - that is Christmas tide which initiates with the


Hosanna in Excelsis!

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