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Christians In Jerusalem Want Jews To Stop Spitting On Them

Christians In Jerusalem Want Jews To Stop Spitting On Them
(Please click on the underlined sentence for the article which appeared on the Israei newspaper Ha'aretz)
Then read my essay below. Thank you. Isabella.

Christians in Jerusalem Want Jews To Stop Spitting On Them.

Sincerely? I don't know what to say and how to say it. That was my first reaction. After some rumination I decided to make some comments in the faint hope that others, particularly my enlightened Jewish friends might opine this malevolent occurences on their own.

Nowadays you cannot critique a work written by an individual who, ( you find out later) happens to be a Jew, albeit one indifferent to his religion as well as other religious beliefs. Others will attack you, call you names, and even attempt to destroy your character, career and life.

Indeed, things have gotten so out of hand that in Germany, if a Jew protests a traffic violation such as making a U turn in a forbidden area, and claims anti-semitism, the traffic policeman simply tears up the ticket and pays the fine himself.

"Who needs the aggravation and the persecution for one measly traffic ticket?"

Because the traffic police must produce a certain number of violations per week, they get a percentage of all tickets... who must bear the brunt of the fines? Ya. Ya. The Christians, Muslims and Catholics. Nobody is complaining too loudly. They are all"afraid."

What of? We can only speculate. I would detest to do that. The vampire banks have done that ad infinitum and surely the world will be much the worse for it all.

Jesus always said that the Judeans happened to be their own worst enemies. Indeed, was Jesus a Jew? NO, MOST CERTAINLY NOT. He was a Nazarene and a Galilean. He had broken with the Establishment of the time, with the elite - the Pharisees and Saducees long before the corrupt High Priest of the second Temple at Jesusalem; Caiphas declared him an Imposter and demanded that Pontius Pilate, the ruthless as well as corrupt Governor of the province of Palestine and Greater Syria execute him. The elite did not really consider anyone whose background spelt Nazareth,Galilee, Emmaus. etc. a Jew of the Covenant.

Apart from breeding a slow, smoldering anger towards Jews - spittle carries an unknown amount of germs, bacteria, infectious diseases and the like. Spittle on the eyes, mouth and skin can be potentially harmful to the victim. If this action is meant as a sign of contempt and disdain for Christians, it degrades the spitters even more. It goes against the teachings of the Torah and of Jesus, his Apostles and Saint Paul.

In this days of pandemics, bio-weapons and arrogant and blatant fury directed against individuals of diverse religious creeds,it is very dangerous to be spat upon.

What to do? Not visiting the places holy to Christians would be an act of cowardice and fear. We must never fear those who would spit upon us. We should pity them. We should endeavor to understand them. But... we do need protection. I suggest wearing face masks much like D0ctors and nurses do. Wear glasses to protect your eyes and don't forget to use gloves. I myself would wear a fencing mask, a long skirt below my ankles and carry disinfectant spray

Are we sure that the spitters are human? Demons inhabit that part of the world. Lucifer himself tried without success to tempt Jesus. To be fair; demons can be found contentedly inside the Vatican, in some Masonic Lodges, in the White House, Buckingham Palace,other palaces, synagogues, mosques, villas, yachts etc.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saint Jude Patron Saint of Impossible causes, pray for the confused and angry Jews. It is difficult to love those who hate you to such a point as to spit upon you and upon every Church they pass, but we must do it.

"LOVE THY ENEMIES" Jesus told us repeatedly.

A Jesuit philosopher / behaviorist of the 16th century Baltasar Gracian, uttered this wise advice.

"Make use of your enemies."

Gracian, de LaRochefocauld, Macchiavelli and Teresa of Avila are my constant companions and mentors every day.

Please read Baltasar Gracian's "THE ART OF WORDLY WISDOM." It will assist you in every aspect of your life.

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  1. Hello, Isabella,

    After reading the article you referred to as well as your comments, I was left perplexed. It's hard to believe that people who have been persecuted for centuries would now be persecuting others. Easier to believe is your reference to today's Jews in Germany who have found a convenient way to get out of paying traffic tickets and at the same time perhaps find satisfaction against the country who persecuted their forebears in the mid-20th century. Thank you for the recommendations and illumination of a problem I had no idea was going on.




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