Saturday, November 21, 2009



Several comments left by Anonymous on my essay regarding the tragic dog suicides in Overtoun Bridge, Scotland are unasked, unsolicited and unwelcome. These comments are by a shlemiel/shlemiels, almost obscene minded individual and individuals.

The comments are not in any way relevant to the topic. Indeed, they are pornographic.

I reported this to Google yesterday. They must be deluged with rotters like these, I can only conclude.

I deleted all the sites by Anonymous. I did not do it sooner because I am getting over a boring cold and cough.

My Mac has firewalls and we have additional ones installed. All I can think of is that one of the jerks in Facebook or SKYPE, a twit I don't even know or ever care to know in any way shape or form sent these comments with links to sites that are, I reiterate vulgar and obscene. Why? Probably just for fun.

Please be informed that a priest who fights child pornography has been notified by me. He was on the cover of Newsweek some years ago with his face blanked out. I can't declare with any certainty that all the poor, hapless, wretched women in these links are NOT children. I have also called the Porno Squad in the Italian Military Police, the Carabinieri and they now have all the sites as they appeared under comments by Anonymous.

I urge you to stop this at once. You not only did something indecent which I would never tolerate, it was foolish. I can easily delete your ugliness with a click.

The authorities trace these things. Some of them spend hours every day almost 7 days a week for years and years in an effort to get to the source of all this trash.

Unless you happen to be Prime Minister of an industrialized country or CEO of a major multinational, you will be found out and caught. As for the PM or PMS and CEOS, your time may be up too. You never know if your protectors or even your rivals might have decided that you are now expendable (for many reasons) and out you to rid themselves of you.

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