Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We are ending the year with angry if not hateful attacks on Silvio Berlusconi, our Prime Minister. A mentally unstable young woman knocked His Holiness down as he was celebrating Mass on Christmas Eve. Datu Pamintuan ofMaguindanao,a powerful leader of a tribe of thousands in Maguindanao, Mindanao, Philippines, coldly ordered the massacre of 47 if not more of his political opponents. Dozens of women and children are being blwon to bits even as I write this in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somala, Yemen and Gaza and Israel. That is barely the tip of the iceberg.

According to MSF - MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERE, Doctors Without Frontiers, the Congo leads the world in genocide and in never ending Holocausts. Please go to my blog HEART OF DIAMONDS, which only deals with the Congo. I warn you, the chapters are not for the faint hearted, but all of it is true. I hereby declare my undying love for the Congo and all the places where Man's inhumanity to Man is shown to us every day by the Media.

Sometimes I receive reports from friends who are Catholic missionaries (nuns and priests) on the true situations in the afore mentioned countries. The rich and fatuous, did I mean famous? are indifferent except when it suits them to be photographed and filmed. Are they going to change any situation? Not a whit.  In actual fact, they are entirely irrelevant to the scheme of the geopolitical chessboard. Only a few nameless and faceless Moneymen decide the when and whys of any and all Wars. The reasons we are fed by the Media are farnetications and lies.

It may shock some of you but I am not going to wish for Peace for the coming year. That will never happen. EVER. I shall just be humbly content if the Angel of Love grants me, my loved ones, and my dear friends, inner peace in heart and spirit. In truth, that is all we can hope for.

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