Monday, April 4, 2011

Saint Isidore of Seville - The Patron Saint of the Internet

I have to say ladies and gents, I don’t understand the "Church" – and to be quite honest, I don’t intend to understand it. I don’t know if every saint has to be the saint of something, if there’s some sort of rule concerning this, and I won’t research it – because I don’t think it is interesting or useful in any way. 

What I do find fascinating however is that Saint Isidore of Seville, who was a very intriguing man in his lifetime, being more or less affiliated with the church, was pronounced the saint patron and protector of internet.  Who knew?   

Does anybody know who actually makes these decisions -- I mean ok -- saint Catherine of Sienna ran into a burning building saved lots of people and was totally unharmed so they made her the Saint for Firemen.   Ok -- I guess that makes sense.   If I was a fireman I would want to save people and come out safe too -- and if she could help, I'd be all for it.

But a patron saint for the Internet?    Who decided on this ... and why this particular Saint?

By the way -- when did they make this choice?   Is that why it's been so popular?

What exactly does having a Patron Saint for the internet mean anyway?    I mean how do we use this information?   Are we supposed to look him up in Google and  pray to him to get better search results, make our blogs more popular, help us with internet marketing  -- to get more friends on Facebook, better connections or when we're upset with our ISP or frustrated with slow loading pages?    

Does anybody know exactly how we can use this information?

Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy that God cares enough about the internet that he's got a Saint assigned to watch over it.

If you want to keep on his good side - celebrate - because His feast day is on April 4, so since the greater part of the civilized world uses Internet, I warmly suggest we make him one of the BIG saints, what do you guys say ? 

Other than that, I can just say that in my humble opinion, it is mildly offensive to be named the patron of something that emerged some 1400 years after your lifetime; just saying.

By the way -- is there a saint for the Telephone (does that also include mobile phones?)   What about electricity?    How about wisdom ... or relationships -- could really use help with that one

I mean -- who decides?

Also -- does this pertain to non-Catholics -- or is this a strictly denominational benefit.

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